Christmas Activities..on a budget!

Each year I try to think of fun things to do during advent, this year as the youngest is now big enough to know what Christmas is all about I can’t help but feel I need to try a little harder! I see adverts everywhere for all sorts of Christmas events, but most of them are costly and our budget wouldn’t stretch to them, plus I’m not sure they’re really what my children would enjoy the most anyway! So, I am compiling a list of Christmas activities we’re going to do during December – I’m hoping to compile a list of 24! Then I will add them to the advent calender!

Not in this order but, so far on my list there is;

  1. Visit the Christmas Market 
  2. Visit Santa 
  3. Watch a Christmas Film 
  4. Make Gingerbread Men
  5. Make Christmas tree Decorations
  6. Make and Write Christmas Cards
  7. Buy the Christmas Tree!
  8. Make mince pies
  9. Write letter to Santa
  10. Carol Service
  11. Get out the Nativity Set
  12. Make Christmas cupcakes
  13. Visit the Christmas lights

 So… I have some blanks to fill in.. and my challenge this year is to avoid doubling the activities up, any ideas?! I’m going to spend the afternoon hunting out local activities we can plan to attend, and see how much fun we can have this Christmas on a budget! x