Why I’m walking an hour a day in 2017.

In 2017, I’ve committed to walking an hour a day. Why? Well, as a wise man once said..

Walking is man’s best medicine..


There are lots of health benefits associated with walking, and it’s the easiest way to add exercise into my day without even trying. I need to exercise more, and lose weight. I lost weight just by walking after I had my daughter in 2014, so I know it does work as long as you commit to it! With so many friends investing in wearable tech, I wanted a simpler way to log how much exercise I was managing. Timing my walks to add up to an hour is the simplest way I could think of! My hour a day walk may be split into 2 or even 4 sessions, as long as I walk briskly! I have no excuse to miss days, as I have a treadmill at home which has been unused for the last..year? So, I’ve given myself the easiest of New Year’s Resolutions!


How is it going so far?

The last week I’ve done well at managing to fit the walks into my day. I managed to have two beautiful walks in the bitterly cold. It was cold, but worth braving it to discover new sights! I’m either walking in my favourite Po-Zu boots, or in my walking shoes if I’m going somewhere muddy! Walking with my friends and family will also make the project a little more interesting! I’ve already convinced a friend to join in and that helps with motivation, even though we don’t actually walk together! One of the biggest benefits I have noticed so far, is I am much more able to relax in the evening. I used to be quite wired after the children were in bed, and instead I can sit and read or watch TV. I guess I needed to be burning extra energy!

I’m quite keen to walk some coastal paths over the summer. I have spent a few hours planning where we could camp and walk to and from. Thankfully my family all enjoy an adventure! So watch this space..!


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  • Azmi Quraishe

    I am now motivated! I am going to commit to 30 mins a day split into 2 or 3