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Hotter Shoes – Stylish, comfortable footwear!

Hotter shoes invited me to their blogger event in Winchester showcasing their new Autumn range. I was excited as I really wanted to look closely at their shoes, and I hoped to find a pair of stylish comfortable heels!


Hotter are a British shoe brand, who started out making slippers in the 1950’s, they’ve evolved alot since then, though they do also still sell some rather comfortable slippers! Hotter aim to create shoes which are stylish, comfortable and on trend for each season, while still maintaining a range of their more tradtional styles too.

This season there’s a focus on colour, burgundy, navy, purple and teal boldy take their place on the Hotter shelves, who says winter footwear needs to be dull?


Chelsea boots dominated autumn/winter fashion for the last couple of years and Hotter have a great pair available in black or tan. They  also have the perfect bag to complete the look, with ultra chic detail perfect to take you from the office to the weekend!


Hotter also do super practical footwear like these gortex boots, they look just like a slouchy boot, but are gortex (gortex is a waterproof, breathable fabric) so perfect for winter days. I love the idea of a pair of these for walking the dog or to wear during a cold city break, and they come in a longer length style too! What I really loved about these was how amazingly light weight they were, even though they looked like a really heavy boot!


I got to take a pair of the new collection home with me, I chose the Danielle boot in teal, to anyone who knows me this was a predictable choice as I adore teal! I really wanted a pair of comfortable but stylish boots which I can dress up or down, the Danielle boots certainly looked right but how would they feel? Well, what’s the best way to try out the comfort of a new shoe – give it the ultimate test of the all day wear at a blogging conference! I wore the Danielle boot to Blog On Winchester, which just happened to be the following day!


The boots were really comfortable, they’ve got cleverly hidden built in panels of elastic at the front which helps with fit and comfort too – just think about your foot not being restricted! Under foot, I actually forgot I was wearing a heel at all and I would have no hesitation in wearing them out dancing for the night!

I have to admit that one of the things I find most appealing about the Hotter range is a careful attention to detail, I mean, who sees  the inside of a shoe? Well, actually whoever is about to put that shoe on, so it’s important it looks as pretty as the outside of the shoe, look at the print on the interior of the shoe, it’s just divine!


Huge thanks to Hotter for inviting me to their blogger evening!