Hollywood Bowl, Basingstoke

Hollywood Bowl has arrived in Basingstoke, a £300,000 makeover has turned the bowling alley giving it an authentic all American feel!

Bowling, Basingstoke


There is a real trend with stars throughout the decor, they greet you as you walk in, they are on every alley, and they’re even on the bowling shoes! But hey, you’re in Hollywood right? So it’s perfectly sensible to make everyone feel like a star!

Younger members of the family can still take part in bowling with the bowling frame enabling them to line the bowling balls up and roll the ball easily to get their very first Strike! Even my 23 month old joined in the fun!

You can order drinks to your lane, and the prices are really reasonable, so whether you’re on a family outing or a night out with friends, there is something within budget for everyone.  (A large coke was £2.50)

Slush puppies

The arcade is full of a variety of games to suit all ages, and there’s a change machine so no more panic when you realise there’s no small change in your purse!

The biggest change is undoubtedly the American diner, which looks amazing, I only saw the desert menu but it sounded tempting and the prices were reasonable. It’s got such an amazing 50’s feel to it, they just need some Rock n Roll playing!

Basingstoke Hollywood Bowl Diner

If you’re taking children for their first bowling trip, I’d recommend booking a couple of games to give them a chance to get into the swing of it! There are some great offers available if you book in advance online, so if you’re planning a family trip to Hollywood Bowl do check it out.


Disclaimer: We were invited to see the Hollywood Bowl makeover, all thoughts and images are my own.