First Time Home Buyers: Terminology & Mistakes 101!

Collaborative Post

Are you a first time home buyer? There are so many official terms to learn when you’re buying your first home, or buying any property to be honest! With so many things to think about when buying a property it is worth familiarising yourself with the terminology early on in the process. I was sent this handy infographic which might help!

A first time home buyer guide created by Superior Rate Mortgage of New England

I also like the tips on things to avoid – like buying in the wrong neighbourhood. I was always taught it is location, location, location! When choosing a home. I always look for somewhere we can walk, what schools are nearby and how easy it is to access a main road. Different people do look for different things, I know someone who always needs to live within walking distance of a shop selling newspapers! So their dream home is different to mine! – I think that’s a good thing though!