Dough – Chi Gluten Free Dessert Review

We were delighted to be sent the latest Gluten free desert from Doughlicious Dough Chi! As we have a family member who is Gluten-Free, I was excited to try these new treats before the festive season. It’s sometimes hard to find a luxurious dessert which everyone can enjoy, but I think Doughlicious may have just resolved that problem for us!

Dough-Chi are balls of ice cream wrapped in cookie dough. In a range of delicious flavours, there’s something for everyone! Some of the range is also suitable for vegans.

They’re perfect for keeping in the freezer for unexpected guests, or just enjoying on the sofa while watching a film. Just take them out of the freezer for 1 minute before serving.

Easy to Eat

They’re easy to eat as finger food – so no worrying about washing up. I think they’d be super at a party, so easy to serve and tasty too. If you’re worrying that one won’t be enough, each box contains 6 Dough-chi, and I think they’re quite filling – one is a perfect portion. The flavours could easily be served in combination too, which would be fabulous for a special occasion!

The range currently has five flavours, each of them delicious, I was impressed with the Blueberry frozen yoghurt, and the chocolate chip too! But, I think our favourite flavour was Dulce de Leche. To be honest, the entire family were particularly fond of Dolce de Leche! They are a family favourite and have already been added to our next shop! To shop you can order from Ocado, or you can shop direct with Doughlicious.

Doughlicious have a range of gluten-free cookie dough products – including savoury cookie dough ready to create quick and easy Gluten free savoury biscuits, and snackable cookie dough too! Whether you’re gluten-free or not, I think Doughlicious dough-chi are really tasty a real luxury. They are a little on the pricey side, but actually compared to other gluten-free desserts I think they’re good value.