Cravendale Epic Straws – Beware of the Cats!

Our milk of choice is Cravendale, we drink loads of the stuff in tea and both boys love drinking it to! So when we got offered the chance for some free milk and to try out the new Epic Straws from Cravendale, we leapt at the chance (especially as we got to try them out before they’re officially released!).

The straws are sturdy and can be washed easily – they even arrive with a handy bag to store them in! They come with connectors as well as a diagram to assist you building a straw of epic proportions! Boo loved helping build this one:

But of course once you’ve built that..you’ll want to build more!! So you can let imaginations run wild and get on with some construction resulting in a fun way to drink milk! We had fun building and drinking Cravendale via our Epic Straws, lots of laughter filled the house and then this happened:


Becareful People! You’ve been warned! The cats are after our Cravendale!

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