Colic Help!

Colic, is distressing for any new parent. One of my strongest memories of being a first time Mum, was inconsolable crying from Boo who used to turn bright red and lay rigid like a soldier, I had no idea what was wrong! The midwife arrived and said “Oh he’s got colic!” and after 20 minutes over her shoulder and a huge release of wind he settled until the next feed..! Boo was like the 1 in 4 babies who struggle with colic, and he really did struggle! Many nights were spent with Mr G and I wondering what we could do to soothe his cries while pacing around with him over our shoulder! 

Infacol (The UK’s number 1 selling infant colic remedy) have set up a Virtual colic support centre, developed by parents for parents, there’s a simple test to fill in to see if the problem might be colic, and a host of FAQ’s with straight forward answers! You can even email questions you might have, while this isn’t a replacement for medical advice, it is a great resource to any parent struggling with a colicky baby! It’s a stressful time having a newborn, without feeling you can’t console their cries due to colic! 

I’m preparing for our new arrival this summer, and I have to say I’m already reading up on tips on how to prevent colic! The site is easy to use and I like the combined use of videos and text! Thanks to Infacol for bringing it to my attention and for sending me a lovely box of treats to help me relax!

Ms G x

Disclaimer: I received the lovely box of goodies shown above from infacol to celebrate their new site, all words thoughts and experiences are my own honest experiences based on my experiences with a baby suffering from colic, and the site.