Autumnal photos

These are I think my last photos of Autumn 2013, I’m posting them for my friend Claire who is currently travelling in Asia and is missing out on the English Autumn! I guess she’s not missing the freezing winds, heavy rain and mud..but we’ll forget about that for a minute! I never cease to be amazed by natures ability to create beauty. Look at this fallen tree, it may be fallen, but it lives on as a shelter to bugs, a climbing frame and a work of art.


 I have written before about the amazing colours I’ve spotted while we’ve been out walking, the orange leaves, the brown bracken, and the green of the strong brambles hardening ready for winter.

My parents told me as a child, if there were plenty of berries on the trees, it was a sign it was going to be a hard winter. I suppose it makes sense, nature has a clever way of providing for the birds and animals, and if this holly bush is anything to go by, I think we’re in for a very cold winter..

 Ms G x