A Christmas Thrifty Find..

This morning we popped to buy some extra craft bits as the boys love to get crafting on the run up to Christmas, I popped into the charity shop next door and ended up coming away with three (yes 3) large bags of Christmas decorations and tinsel. This is just a tiny amount of what we’ve come home with:

The bill came to £6, and we have now got masses of new decorations for our tree and plenty of ribbon, tinsel and even pretty boxes to make with! Amongst the decorations were some stunning Gisela Graham ones, which I adore but normally they’re a bit too pricey, so I’m delighted! I can barely contain the urge to wait for Boo before we start crafting! So remember, before you rush off to a discount store do check out your local charity shop for any Christmas bargains they might have!

Ms G x