Tired Tinsel – Super Simple Wreath!

Having unpacked some Christmas decorations ready for next week, I found quite a lot of tired tinsel, but it seemed a shame to just throw it away! So, E and I decided to have a go at giving it a new lease of life! This is a simple make as E is 2 (almost 3) but needed help from me for any bits involving cutting out!

Grab a paper plate and cut a circle out, my cutting out is messy, but you don’t notice it:

Then take the tinsel and wrap it around the plate, we used two colours as we didn’t have enough blue! E really enjoyed doing this bit and I just had to help him secure it at the end.

You end up with a basic wreath, then you need to decide how to decorate it, E is very keen on Snowmen and they’re so easy to make thankfully!

Cut two circles of felt (or paper) one a bit smaller than the other, and a strip of coloured felt to make the scarf. We used double sided tape to secure the pieces into a snowman shape.

We then stuck them onto the wreath with double sided stick tape!

Ready to stick on the boys bedroom door next week! What do you think? Have you got any great ideas for using up tired tinsel? 

Ms G & E xx