Toddler biting..Ow! Elvis Bit me!

Boo and Elvis have become quite fond of each other, and have started to have a cuddle mid-morning in between the daily squabbles of who was playing with which car first. Both Elvis and Boo are incredibly strong willed, and while Elvis is still much smaller than Boo, he isn’t afraid to argue with Boo if he believes he has more right to a toy..by argue I do of course mean with a series of shouts and angry waving of arms! But it mostly seems to end in a good natured cuddle and they carry on playing.

Yesterday, they were unusually quiet, sat cuddled on the floor while watching a cartoon Elvis gave Boo a kiss and wrapped his arms tightly around Boo – all seemed blissful. Suddenly Boo let out an ear piercing scream, Elvis had given him a nibble and left quite a nasty bruise. Trying to explain to Boo that it wasn’t meant to hurt him, Elvis had merely got carried away with his new teeth hasn’t been a fun exercise. Boo only bit when he was having tantrums, and got told off very firmly on more than one occasion, so he knows biting is naughty. Elvis I spoke to and said he mustn’t bite, but even though I spoke in our ‘firm’ tone, he still just grinned and carried on happily, I wonder how many more friendly nibbles Elvis will try to share over the next months? 

I thought it’d be easy to deal with problems second time around, having experienced a toddler once, but in fact, they are new problems! And I never expected that the little one would be hurting the big one! I wonder what new challenges the boys will present me with today!