£5 Christmas Challenge #sdfiverchallenge

When I accepted the challenge to choose two gifts for £5 a head, I was quite excited. Christmas is often a time when people – particularly families – feel the pinch. It’s also a time when people want to give a heart-felt gift. So, how did I get along?

The first gift I looked for was for a friend. She has a serious takeaway coffee habit, and has a baby on the way. I initially looked at gifts for baby, then realised that buying baby a gift, wasn’t buying for her! That’s when I spotted a marvellous bargain, a stainless steel thermal mug for…£4.50!

These are much more expensive elsewhere! (Gelert has been around as an outdoor brand for many years, and was bought by Sports Direct after falling into financial difficulty.)

Taking a reusable mug to many coffee shop chains will bag you a discount. It also means there’s  some encouragement to  make a coffee at home!! Best will stay warm even with a newborn baby keeping her busy! It’ll be the gift which keeps giving with each use!

Next I chose a gift for my friends son. He loves gaming, so I opted for searching by character. I spotted this Sonic the Hedgehog top which is brilliant!


It also came in under budget costing just £4! It’ll be a popular choice, and I’m sure he will wear it lots!

There were a wide variety of gifts to choose from, and something for everyone! It does prove that if you shop carefully you can  spend £5 and buy a lovely gift. Or less than £5 even!

There’s a good selection of gifts featuring favourite characters. If you’re buying for children on a budget this is really helpful! I also found a great selection of gifts for those who love the great outdoors under £5 too.

Whether you’re looking for something for secret Santa or for your favourite Aunt, it’s definitely worth having a look!



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