The Big Stroller Swap for smarTrike #swapyourstroller

We’ve been challenged to swap our stroller for a smarTrike for a week, from 6th – 12th July 2015, we will be using the smarTrike instead of our stroller for Yo! Yo is 10months old, and this term I’ve started walking the boys part of the way to school, popping her in her buggy. So, I’m offloading the buggy, and reving up the wheels on the smarTrike!


We’ve already had a little trial run, and I have to say.. I’m impressed! It handles really well, I took it into a local shop and easily managed to move about without any problems – actually it was much easier to steer than our pushchair..! But the best bit is Yo seems to like it, she looks comfortable and chatters while she is in it – so far so good!

Other bloggers taking part in the challenge include The Mumington Post, The Dad Network, and Ghostwritermummy as well as several more!!  You can keep up with all of our adventures over the week on social media by following the tag #SwapyourStroller and follow SmarTrike too!