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Let it grow..

We are blessed to have a lovely garden, and Boo loves being outside – whatever the weather he loves digging about in the mud, running around dressed as a cowboy and generally having plenty of fun! I have to confess though, that I have never thought about actually encouraging him to actually grow things himself – we talk about what things are and discover things but have never attempted to grow very much at all.. We did attempt tomatoes last year but unfortunately the skins on them were very thick and tasted “yuk” (that’s the word from the then 3yr old!) so we weren’t entirely successful. Over the last few months though, Boo has started to show an interest in growing fruit and vegetables or colourful plants from seed!

So, imagine Boo’s excitement when he got his own gardening kit:

We wasted no time and Boo started planting some seeds! One of the great things about gardening, is you can also encourage other skills – for example Boo carefully wrote the labels for each of the seeds he planted:

Boo has been hugely attentive of his seeds and within 10 days he came screaming across the garden to tell me that he had a seedling:

How exciting! If it grows into a huge plant I will update! He’s also decided to grow a variety of vegetables, which are doing really well too, and we’re all looking forward to tasting anything we manage to grow, we’re attempting courgettes and tomatoes – wish us luck! x

Things to remember in 2013..

Always be prepared for fun with friends..you never know what you might find..

Terrain may be muddy, be prepared to get stuck in..

 Make sure you have help on hand to assist in the event of getting into trouble..

 When you fall over, just remember to get back up on your feet and don’t cry..

There’ll always be a friend waiting somewhere to hold your hand..

Have a lovely weekend! Ms G xx

Wonderful Windermere..

We Goriami’s like an adventure, whenever we get a day with all of us together we like to get out, whether it be clambering through the woodland or paddling at the seaside, we’re always out and about somewhere! Last week, we managed a short break away, this is the first of I hope many in 2012!
The last time I visited Windermere with Mr G, I was 11weeks pregnant with Boo. I remember feeling absolutely exhausted all the time, and feeling constantly hungry but terribly nauseous! We walked down from the near the station to the Lake at Bowness, and jumped on a boat to have a romantic lunch at Ambleside..it ended up being a drink and something strange from the menu..hey I was pregnant! Of course, when we got back to Bowness, we had to walk that long walk back to Windermere..and it is up hill all the way. I wasn’t terribly fit anyway, but I can remember just wanting to lay down on the pavement and cry!

All Rights Reserved Goriami Family 2012

Returning to Windermere this time with our two boys in tow, Mr G and I decided that we’d not inflict the walk on them, and instead we laughed at how and why we had decided to walk it while I was pregnant! We took them on the same boat journey we’d taken, but instead of attempting a romantic meal, we settled for hot chocolate and shortbread. We’d arrived in sunshine marred only by the exceptionally strong winds, however the weather turned and rapidly we were sheltering from heavy hail! Boo was delighted by the hail, I’m not sure he’d ever seen it before? He found the dark clouds hovering mysteriously above us exciting and as the tiny white balls of hail pelted against the pavement he squealed with delight! I had to stop myself from giggling as some young Japanese tourists crouched down on the pavement to take photos and tentatively touched the little icy balls! 

Dramatic View from the shelter!

To be honest, Elvis was too little to care much about anything, and with the exception of getting excited when he ate his toast, he slept for most of our visit, wrapped up cosy in his snow suit I can’t say I blamed him! The wind was icy cold, and I was glad that I had ignored Boo’s demands to leave his hat in the car, as he was delighted to pull it down over his ears when we got off the boat! I almost feel you need to see Windermere in winter to really appreciate how immense and wonderful it really is without the lush green background of spring or summer.

Boo & Mr G, checking out the shoreline!