Make Lunch fun – Warburtons Krazy Kitchen!

Warburtons have been running the Krazy Kitchen all summer (possibly the first game show on facebook!) and the final instalment will première Friday 23rd August on the Warburtons Facebook page! Krazy Kitchen puts the fun into making lunch and shows you just how easy it is to liven up your lunch even when you’re being distracted by “kraziness” (or in my house being distracted by a 2 year old!) The episodes are great fun, (it reminds me of children’s game shows I used to watch as a child!) with plenty of friendly competition and laughs, who will win out and be the best sandwich maker?!

Warburtons sent us a hamper of goodies to try out two of their delicious recipes! 

I set the boys the challenge of seeing who could make the best sandwich following the recipe supplied, but E was just keen to tuck into the Warburtons sandwich thins leaving Boo to do the sandwich making!

Boo loved making his own meal and was unusually keen to tuck into the salad and he excitedly even added onion to the sandwich seeing it on the recipe sheet!

Boo declared that his sandwich looked “amazing” and tasted “fantastic” I have to confess I tried it and it was very tasty! We’re putting it on the list of must have sandwiches for his packed lunch when he goes back to school! It took minutes to prepare and it looks as good as a deli sandwich in my opinion!

 I had a go at the tex mex recipe using the  sandwich wraps, it was great fun, I loved using the wraps and they were super easy to roll! I have to admit using refried beans, chilli and avocado is not a filling I would have thought of for sandwiches but certainly livens up lunch!

Don’t forget to catch the final instalment of the Krazy Kitchen on 23rd August, to see who will win the final challenge!

Disclaimer: I received payment and the items required to make the sandwiches in return for this post. All thoughts and comments on the items are my own and based on my own honest opinions.