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Getting to the root of the problem. Gums!

“You need to floss..” Yes, yes most of us have heard those words as the dentist pokes about with that metal poker causing us to occasionally wince as that sensitive gum complains at being poked. I never really understood why flossing was so important, I brush my teeth twice a day surely that’s enough? My dentist shook her head pulled out a pack of floss, and suddenly I was shamed into realising the build up between my teeth which my brushing wasn’t reaching, and why my mouth felt so sensitive. I walked away from my appointment vowing to try harder!

 At my next visit, I heard “You really must start flossing..” I owned up, and said I really struggle with floss feeling a bit pathetic I expected an unhelpful reply but instead she smiled and pulled out a selection of interdental brushes and some flossing tape, “one of these will work, now it’s up to you!”. Since then I’ve been trying quite hard to get my gums back into shape, I’ve discovered that interdental brushes work well for my back teeth, but flossing tape is the best for my front teeth! I sit with a mirror in front of the tv before I go to bed and floss my teeth, it might sound horrid, but I find flossing rather tedious and watching some indulgent american tv series while I floss makes everything better! It’s my little routine, and it is making me feel more confident about my smile, as the clear definition between my teeth makes them appear brighter and whiter!  

Pregnancy certainly seemed to bring on my sensitive gums and now I need to really make sure I look after them. I’m pleased to have been given the opportunity to try out Oral B’s new Pro-Expert Premium Gum Protection toothpaste, I like the fact it’s not too minty, my teeth look good, and my gums seem happy so far, watch this space! 

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