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How to have a fabulous family summer party!

With the summer holidays almost here, we are planning a huge family party! There’s something great about celebrating the start of the school summer holidays! Even if you’re not going away on holiday, it’s the perfect way to get you all in a holiday mood!

Creating the party atmosphere!

Pick a theme! Giving a party a theme makes it so much easier to create the right party atmosphere! You might want to choose some fabulous party decorations. You’ll definitely want to make sure you pick the right music, and consider how you’ll play it to your guests! Perhaps consider Panasonic Multi-room speakers  so the music is continuous throughout the party!

Family friendly

This is at the heart of our parties. We try to avoid making a kids zone, and an adults zone. Instead we plan for everyone joining in the fun together! Garden games are great fun, and you don’t have to spend a fortune on them! Why not have a go at making your own garden games! They look fabulous, and by the end of the party it’s usually the grown ups playing!

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Keep it easy..

You don’t want to spend the entire time prepping party food while your guests are there. Choose food which can be prepped before the party and laid out for people to help themselves. Buffets are the way forward! Drinks.. put soft drinks on a low level table, and tell all the children as they arrive that that’s their drinks table. Grown up drinks need to be well supervised and out of reach of children.

Make it comfy!

Whether you opt for picnic blankets outside, lounging on the sofa or bean bags everywhere make sure you allow plenty of seating for your guests! Most importantly, enjoy the party!



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