Berlei – Aqua Trek Triathlon Wear

Firstly, I’d like to confess that while this is described as a crop top for triathletes I am most definitely not one, you see there is a problem with triathlons and me and it’s a most cringe worthy one which I am sharing publically for the first time.. I cannot nor have I ever been able to, ride a bicycle. There, I’ve said it! It was something I never learnt as a child and until now – when my eldest wants to learn to ride a two-wheeled bicycle – it’s never been an issue! But that’s a separate blog post!
The Aqua Trek Triathlon Crop top is designed to work both in, on, and away from water. Whether you are running, swimming or sailing the Aqua Trek could be exactly what you are looking for! Designed with both support and comfort in mind the crop top fastens at the front with a zip a feature which I would have loved during my wetsuit wearing days as a dinghy sailor – no more snagging in your wetsuit zip! The straps are adjustable to ensure a perfect fit, and again the strap adjustment system is designed to give a smooth finish (in fact I struggled to find where to adjust the top initially as it was so well hidden!).  I was a bit bemused by the ventilation holes, but have to confess they do work well to provide some much needed air circulation even for my lowlier exercise efforts!  

The Aqua Trek triathlon shorts, these really surprised me I have to say I’ve road tested these hard as I wasn’t convinced they’d be as comfortable as they claimed, however I am delighted to say they really are! 

The high fit waist means not only do they stay up without need to constantly adjust them, but they also cover the area I’m least keen on –  lower tummy! Even after wearing for several hours, the retain their shape and are still comfortable without any points of discomfort or chaffing! Do they dry quickly? Yes, and there is no sagging of the super lightweight fabric. Basically, I felt as though I was wearing comfortable underwear rather than swim bottoms. While I don’t think I’d be brave enough to wear them as shorts, I’ll be wearing them with the crop top for some wild swimming this summer and I think the tankini top is now a necessary purchase!
Disclaimer: I have an ongoing relationship with Berlei,the products were provided for the purposes of the review, all thoughts and experiences are my own based on my usage of the products.