Babymoov Cosycover.

The Babymoov cosycover is a simple way to wrap baby securely so they feel safe while they sleep. As someone who failed miserably at swaddling, and I’ll be honest I’ve never got to grips with it, the cosycover is ideal.

It is so simple to wrap baby securely, you can either wrap them with their arms across the body or by their sides, Yo prefered her arms across her I rapidly discovered! The cosycover helps ease the natural reflex babiesĀ  have to startle at sounds (and wake themselves up!) which means once settled you can grab that quiet cup of tea!

babymoov cosycover

The babymoov cosycover is made of a soft breathable fabric, it’s 2 tog so quite cosy and you only need to dress baby in a light sleep suit underneath, the recommended room temperature is 18c – 21c. It washes well, although I did find the cover bobbled slightly but that was easily rectified and I just needed to remember not to spin it quite so fast on the next wash!

Babymoov Cosycover
Babymoov Cosycover

I have found that Yo settled well in the cosycover, though now as she approaches the 12 week stage she has started to want her arms free to suck her fingers so it is time to move on from it and so I’ve just ordered a babymoov cosybag which is suitable for 3months plus, I’ll let you know how I get on with that soon!


Disclaimer: We received the item in return for an honest review.