A little announcement..

For the last 48 hours I have been texting my dear friend Ani, I have sent her the top 500 reasons why I’m feeling chubby. She thought I was totally mad, why did she even care?! But she entertained it in her good natured way! I started with the funny; my obsession with mini daims is enough to see anyone grow a Pirelli (other tyre manufacturers do exist..), moved on to the ridiculous; my tummy is reacting to the weather and storing extra fat so I can hibernate through this crap stormy weather! Then at number 500 I told her the truth… it read like this..

Reason #500 I’m feeling chubby..as there’s a baby in my tummy due to arrive in August! 

So, there you go! We’ve had a difficult 18months, that this is the most wonderful news for us, and I will update on how the first trimester was for us when I manage to sit down quietly and get time to write! I’ve felt terrible, and hence the blog has been neglected! This baby is going to be referred to as “little duck” thanks to the boys for deciding that!

Ms G x