About Me

At almost 5ft 11 tall, I’m used to sticking out in a crowd alongside my 6ft 3 husband.

Married to Mr G, I’m mother to three fabulous children, two sons aged 5  & 8 and a daughter aged 2. I have an interest in living a more sustainable lifestyle, and we’re slowly changing our habits to become a greener household. I love handbags, tea, music and my wellies.

B aged 8 loves elephants, LEGO, reading and anything involving the great outdoors! E is 5, is a huge Darth Vader fan, he loves hot chocolate with marshmallows, and doesn’t like being cold! Yo is 2, she loves My Little Ponies and reading Dinosaur Roar with Daddy!

As a family we love an adventure, we enjoy travelling and outdoor activities.

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