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Mother’s Day Chocolate Mice Cupcakes!

Boo made cupcakes last week, and they were so adorable he’s promised to make them for me on Mothering Sunday. This isn’t my usual recipe post as Boo did this one, but as he’s not great at typing, I’m doing that bit and sharing his lovely cake idea on his behalf!

It’s a really simple recipe, and I have to confess the cake was fabulous and spongy! The recipe (as written by Boo) is here:

Mix the ingredients, and pre-heat your oven (ours is a fan oven and we had it heated to 180c). The mix makes 12 cup cakes, and they cooked in 17 minutes in our oven.

When the cakes are cool, melt some chocolate (we used cadbury giant buttons) and then spread a bit on the top of each cake. Break a giant button in half, to make two mice ears, and you could use a piece of strawberry lace for the tale but Boo used a slither of chocolate button (and ate the rest..). Boo used silver sugar balls for the eyes and nose, but you could use smarties to keep up the chocolate theme!

So that’s what I’m hoping for on Mother’s Day, what are you hoping to receive for Mother’s Day? 

Ms G xx

Egg the Duck..

My 3 year old has just started to take an interest in helping me in the kitchen, his favourite thing lately to “cook” is scrambled eggs and he takes great pleasure in whisking the eggs up with a fork! Scrambled eggs are about the only egg based meal I can get him to eat, but I decided with a little encouragement there might be another egg based meal he would enjoy making and eating! This is ideal as a breakfast, or light lunch and you only need bread, an egg and some herbs to season, yes we’re making child friendly eggy bread!

Take a slice of bread (we used a slightly stale home made slice!) and a cookie cutter.

Use the cookie cutter to cut out the shape you want the eggy bread to be, ours is a duck (do you see what I did with the title of this post?!..haha!)

Whisk the egg and add a little herbs of your choice (you could add salt if you’re a grown up!) then carefully put the bread into the egg mix, make sure you cover both sides of the bread evenly with egg.

The grown up part! Heat a frying pan with a little olive oil (you won’t need much just a little spritz) once the pan is hot drop the eggy bread into the pan and fry it for a couple of minutes on each side until brown. Then pop it onto a plate, we added a raisin for an eye and some tomatoes to decorate!

It was very popular with my very fussy 3 year old and you could be as adventurous or plain as you want to be when decorating! We might do an eggy bread version of a teddy bears picnic for breakfast at the weekend! 

Ms G x