Spy Net Ultra Vision Binoculars – Review

Boo is a mini James Bond fan, while he’s not old enough to have watched the recent films, he has seen the Bond exhibition at Beaulieu and it capture his imagination! He has ever since been practising his drop rolls to covertly sneak past us when he should be in bed –  though he’s still not quiet enough to fool us – yet! 

Spy Net offer a range of gadgets to help your little spy on their missions, and I have to say I was rather impressed with the range available! When I explained to Boo and Mr G that they would have to test out the Spy Net Ultra Vision Binoculars, they were both rather excited and in fact there was a battle to see who could play with take them on a mission first! 

They look very substantial, but I can reassure you’re they’re not as heavy as they look!

Mr G helped set them up, the hardest part was getting the binoculars out of the box, then he needed 4 AA batteries and a micro sd card (they don’t come with the binoculars) and they were ready to go! Waiting until it was dark, Mr G took Boo to try them out in the garden, as something was making a scratching noise out by the kitchen, they set off prepared to capture whatever they found lurking outside..

This is an image taken in day mode so replicates what they could see standing out in the dark:

Switch mode and this is what they could see..

Switch to thermal mode to see if it was real or just a ghostly apparition..

Definite heat showing on the bins where they had seen the creature!

A scream and in the darkness outside the kitchen door.. they captured the culprit!

We were all really impressed with how well they work, how good the night images are and how easy they are to operate. The RRP is £49.99 and I have to say I think they are very good value, there is a lot of play value and they can be used to snap images day or night and there is the option to record video. 

The other dimension to these binoculars is that files can be uploaded to www.SpyNetHQ.com where there are a host of activities including mini-games. I have to confess we’ve not had a play on there yet, but we’re planning some fun this weekend using the site! 

Disclaimer: We received a pair of Spy Net Ultra Vision Binoculars for the purposes of the review, however all thoughts, images and words are my own.