Protect your skin and help the Marine Conservation Society

Are you sweltering in the heat wave or planning a holiday somewhere sunny? Either way you are probably thinking about sun lotion, we all know the benefits of slapping on a good SPF and protecting our skin but have you ever considered why an Organic, natural sun lotion might be better for both you and the environment?

It came as a bit of a surprise to me that around 25% of ingredients from sun lotions applied to skin are released into the water over the course of 20minutes swimming. Chemicals which are often used to create the UV filters to protect our skin from the suns rays are the vary same chemicals which researchers have found to be causing havoc in marine life causing such effects as viral infection in coral reefs. Green People are donating 30pence from the sale of each Organic Scent-Free SPF 25 sun lotion to The Marine Conservation Society and continues to avoid the use of chemicals which are found to cause harm to marine environments even at low levels.