Preparing for a Storm…

Ok, so I don’t want anyone to panic but having heard on the radio that our council is preparing for a storm as big as the one in 1987, I decided to look into what we may be getting ready to expect and decided we are not prepared at all if the weather does turn nasty! 
Power cuts, thankfully they don’t happen very often here, but if they did we’d have not lighting, no method of cooking, heating or communication other than via mobile phone. So, here are my plans for making life easier if we get a power cut:

  • Ensure mobile phones are charged, locate the rechargeable battery charger and charge it!
  • Charge all rechargeable batteries.
  • Locate torches, or buy new ones!
  • Flasks, keep them topped up throughout the day.
  • Fuel, keep the car with half a tank – if the power goes off there will be no fuel pumps..we’re rural so need the car to go anywhere at all!
  • Blankets on beds, and dig out all the extra warm fleeces!
  • Bread, butter, cheese, jam, biscuits, – things we can eat without cooking!
  • Camping stove put ready to use OUTSIDE – please don’t risk carbon monoxide poisoning by using one indoors!
  • Check elderly friends and family are prepared (I’ve offered torches and flasks to some who think i’m hilarious but when I was a brownie I was always told to be prepared..!) 

Jobs we need to get done in case of high winds..

  • Secure the shed roof! (Our shed roof looks very much like it may fly off like something from the wizard of Oz!).
  • Visual check the roof tiles and guttering!
  • Put all garden furniture, garden toys, plant pots etc safely away (in the shed?! – hope it stays put!).

Have I missed anything? What would you add? Are you preparing for the storm forecast to hit the South of England next week? 

Ms G x