Electronic Cigar: How They Work

Collaborative Guest Post

Just like e-cigarettes, e-cigars use the same mechanism of heating an aerosol liquid into a vapor which is inhaled by the user. Cigars in general, have normally been associated with privileged members of society due to their class and cost. Many cigar users are normally perceived as people who is are individuals of good means and enjoy certain high standards of living.e-cigars, unlike the normal cigars, are battery powered and instead of producing smoke from the tobacco component being vaped, it produces a vapor from the liquefied aerosol. This is normally flavored with different tastes in the form of a mist which is inhaled by the user. The idea, normally, is to give the same sensation as conventional smoking of a cigar gives, minus the smoke and the tobacco smell.

Working Mechanism

Normal cigars contain a roll of processed tobacco, wrapped in a flammable “skin”that aids the burning and channels the smoke to the mouth of the user who inhales the smoke. However, E-cigars have components that include the aerosol liquefied tobacco, a mouthpiece, battery and a coil with a heating circuit. Once powered by the battery, the coil heats the liquid aerosol that is turned into mist or vapors that the user inhales through the mouthpiece giving a feeling of smoking. Nowadays,the e-cigar liquid substance is flavored with various tastes and smells click for more info, that makes it more appealing and non-irritating to other users who do not like smoke. This has been said to reduce addiction to smoking conventional cigars. However, this is debatable due to the many numbers of users who have turned into multiple addicts of all forms of smoking.

Regulations On E-Cigars

The smokeless, smell-free nature of the e-cigars has made them popular amongst the youth whoa tendency to misuse them. However, the regulatory bodies in many jurisdictions control the production, distribution, sale, and consumption of e-cigars. Any manufacturer of electronic smoking products must adhere to strict rules and codes of conduct to be able to sell their products, especially where minors and women are involved. This is due to the health risks associated with E-cigar smoking.

Health Implications

E-smoking, and especially e-cigarettes, have been associated with lung diseases among their users, including irritation of the lungs. The substance nicotine, that is the base product in tobacco,is highly addictive. Studies have shown that e-cigar smoking can lead to addiction to other forms of smoking, including marijuana which is commonly referred to as dual usage. Amongst the youth, it is associated with slow brain development, memory problems and in most cases, irritation of the lungs and breathing system.


It is, however, important to note that some people have associated e-smoking with a reduction of addiction to direct tobacco smoking from normal cigarettes. It is also milder and more relaxing to smoke e-cigars due to no smoke being produced and the absence of odor as opposed to smoke from normal cigars.


Despite research showing the effects of nicotine use on long-term users, the use of e-cigars has made it tolerable for most people to enjoy a serene smoking experience, even amongst other non-smoking individuals who are irritated by smoke and its smell.