Don’t make me walk the plank!!

It’s 9.30am and I’m already wondering if it is bedtime for the boys? Sadly it is a fairly bright winter morning, and there is no way I could convince either of them that it is time for bed. There is no particular reason for me being so ridiculously tired, I’ve not run a marathon or been out to a party late with friends..but is just that part of motherhood where you feel exhausted but daren’t admit it, for fear of being deemed a failure. So I’m sat here with an exceptionally strong cup of coffee, trying to think of ways to stay awake.

The pushing and shoving we encountered a few months ago between Boo and Elvis has begun to subside. Boo now respects Elvis a little more, or should I say Elvis has worked out that he needs to get back up so quickly that it isn’t quite such fun to push him over. Boo still isn’t keen to share, his cars are his and not to be played with by Elvis, but he now accepts that Elvis needs something to play with and will allow him a fire truck or a share of the lego. They are constantly up to mischief, if I look away Boo is opening up a gap for Elvis to clamber behind the sofa and then Boo will close the gap up while Elvis sits and giggles. Although I’m not sure how long he would giggle for when he realised his big brother had actually deliberately abandoned him in that dark corner! I feel as though I am continually picking up Elvis and returning him to the relative safety of the large soft rug which lines our sitting room and trying to out wit my 3year old in the process. Anyone else struggle with outwitting their 3year old at times?!

While I’m writing this, Boo is dressed as a pirate (complete with the essential woolly hat which I am informed all pirates must wear so as their ears don’t get too cold) and sat on a pile of blankets surrounded by teddies which is otherwise known as the pirate ship and of course Boo’s crew. Elvis keeps being told to ‘man the cannons’ which makes him giggle and squeal with delight. I am having to keep a careful eye on Boo, or before I know it I’ll be walking the plank or tied to the ships way or another I fear I might meet a sticky end. You see Mummy isn’t allowed to be a pirate, Daddy would be allowed the role of ship Captain, where I on the other hand will be lucky to land the role of ‘the baddie’. Actually, this is a good enough reason to stay awake as Boo has just appeared with a shark puppet..

It’s days like today, when however tired I am, however chaotic and untidy the house, seeing such thriving imaginations makes me smile. I realise that however bad a job of parenting I fear I might be doing, I must be doing something right, as I have two very happy boys, who play so well together that I’m sat watching with delight waiting to be allowed into their game even if it does mean I have to walk the plank!

My Christmas Fashion from Long Tall Sally

It’s that time of year when Christmas parties are looming, and it’s the one time of year when there is no excuse not to dress up! Even a trip Christmas shopping can make me want to glam up a bit! 

One of my favourite shops is Long Tall Sally, they have a superb range of clothing for ladies over 5ft 8″, as I’m 5ft 11″ I love being able to choose clothes which fit well and are on trend to!

I love this Palazzo Jumpsuit, it is such a fantastic design creating a cinched waist line, and the cap sleeves create a flattering line on the tops of arms. It’s so stylish and feminine but practical too! Let’s face it with two small children I need to think about practicality too, and this really does enable me to look fantastic even while chasing toy cars under tables to recover a missing toddler!

 The simplicity of the style enables plenty of fun with accessories, and as I’m a huge fan of statement jewellery this really does make it my ideal outfit! 
I will definitely be grabbing a pair of these gorgeous jewel trimmed pumps (available in sizes 7 – 11) which not only will look fab with the jumpsuit but will also liven up my entire Christmas wardrobe without making me tower over my friends on our girls night out!
I’m lucky enough to live near a couple of Long Tall Sally stores, but if you aren’t why not check out their website or request a catalogue so you can really spend some time deciding on your must haves!

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post, all thoughts are my own. Images used with permission from Long Tall Sally.

Grandpa in My Pocket – The Magic of Christmas! Dvd Review & Competition!!

Grandpa in my Pocket has been popular with Boo for as long as I can remember, I suppose it helps that Grandad Goriami provides plenty of adventures and owns a flat cap – although Boo has never actually seen him wear it.. Boo loves the adventures Grandpa and Jason go on especially if they involve Mr Whoops!

Packaging design ©2011 Abbey Home Media Group Ltd. All rights reserved. © Adastra Creative Ltd MMIX.

Abbey Home Media kindly sent us a copy of the festive edition ‘The Magic of Christmas’ to review, and we were very excited to be able to get into the festive spirit with some of our favourite characters.
The double dvd provides plenty of festive entertainment for the entire family, there are moments which make both Mr G and I giggle possibly more that Boo! If you are worried about ‘festive overload’ don’t be! There are enough episodes which aren’t overly festive to mean that this dvd could be enjoyed all year long! It is also really nice that the episodes are long enough to captivate without being so long that Boo gets bored – we can dip in and out of the dvd! Our favourite of the two dvd’s is Big Elf, Little Elf as we loved seeing Sunnysands all dressed up!

Abbey Home Media have kindly offered 5 copies of the dvd to winners of our special festive competition! 

To enter please:

Follow the blog via GFC and leave ONE festive comment below telling us what you love most about Christmas! Please make sure you include either your twitter id or an email address for me to contact you on if you win!!

Good Luck!!

Competition Closes Wednesday 14th December 2011 at 7pm.

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Hexagonal Wooden Sandpit from

I make no secret that Boo loves to play outside, and one of his favourite activities is playing in sand, he will literally play for hours! We had been thinking about getting a sandpit for a little while, and so when Big Game Hunters approached us to see if we’d like to review one for them we had to say yes!

We were sent the Hexagonal Wooden Sandpit to review, it came with very clear step by step instructions and includes the sandpit liner and a polythene cover which acts as a lid.

Mr G and I built it together in approximately 20minutes, we took a minute or two to work out which order the planks attached in, but they just slot together easily! In honesty the hardest part was attaching the top part – and that just involved using a screwdriver! We even had some help from Boo (otherwise it would have been even quicker!!).

We added four 15kg bags of sand (not included), but we actually need quite a lot more as it really does hold loads of sand! Boo wasted no time and jumped straight in to try it out, he liked the ledge on the top so he could sit and take his wellys off before jumping in bare foot! As you can see the sandpit is an ample size for a couple of children or even a Mummy too – I must admit I also climbed in and enjoyed building a castle!

All Rights Reserved, Goriami Family 2011.

 The sand pit is very sturdy, and I believe it will weather well. The lid is easy to pull on/off and works well to keep the sand clean. In my opinion, the sand pit is really stylish, it wouldn’t look out of place even in quite a sophisticated garden.  I had been worried that jumping in or out Boo might hurt himself on the edges, but the wood is really smooth, and I was impressed with the overall quality. Priced at £59.99 I think this is a great price, there is so much play value in a sand pit, and I love the fact that it looks fabulous and will almost look better with age!

Big Game Hunters ( have over 11 years of experience selling outdoor family entertainment, from Air Hockey to Play Houses (even a Play Castle!!) they really do have an exceptional variety of family outdoor entertainment! So why not do something different this Christmas and invest in some all year round garden fun for the family? Or perhaps even treat someone to an amazing traditional looking sledge to get them dreaming of a White Christmas!

Disclaimer: We received the sandpit for the purposes of the review, however all opinions are my own honest opinion of the product.

CareBears Movie Dvd Winners!!!

Winners of Care Bear Movie Dvd as chosen by are:



Congratulations!! Please email your details to me ASAP(email can be found in ‘contact me’ section of the blog!)

As one of the winners didn’t come forward within the 72hours I have done a redraw and the final winner is: 

Please email me ASAP!

If you didn’t win this time stay tuned…another competition with a fantastic festive theme coming up soon…..

Get Baking Mad and Help Raise Money for Children in Need!

Friday 18th November 2011 is Children in Need, not only is it a great night of television but it also is a day when we can all do our bit to help support the work supported by Children in Need. Baking Mad (Allinson’s)sent us a pack of goodies to make Pudsey Cupcakes with, as they are trying to help raise money for Children in Need by selling special packs of flour in Asda and cupcakes are so simple to make and great for fundraising too:

Allinson Flour have teamed up with supermarket giant Asda to help raise money for this year’s BBC Children in Need appeal. To support the appeal Allinson will be donating 15p from the sale of special packs of their Nature Friendly Plain White and Self Raising flours to the charity. The special packs featuring the iconic Pudsey bear character, are due to go on sale in November and are available exclusively at Asda supermarkets. So next time you’re out shopping be sure to look out for Pudsey in the home baking aisle!

We used the Pudsey Bear Cupcakes recipe from Baking Mad, it was easy to follow and the hardest part I found was getting Boo to wait for them to cool before we decorated them!! Boo really enjoyed helping to weigh out the ingredients and mixing them all up! It was quite educational to as he had to help ‘count’ the cases into the tray, and help me set the timer!

We had planned a variety of different designs we were eager to try (including ones with wafer bear ears!) but Boo and Elvis are currently not very well so we decided to stick with the simple idea Baking Mad suggested. The butter cream was easy to mix although I confess I forgot to add the still tastes ok though.. we added the vanilla extract and Boo was in charge of adding the yellow food colouring – he loved to see the mix turning bright Pudsey Yellow! Spooning it onto the cakes I found myself resisting the urge to ‘correct’ Boo, he was loving spreading the mix over the cakes and it added character that they weren’t perfect! I avoided telling Boo that the chocolate beans were..well chocolate, so the majority survived to make it onto the cakes..well we did have to taste the odd one or two – just to make sure they were ok you understand!! So here are our finished cakes:

So next time you’re out shopping have a look for a special Pudsey pack of Allinson’s Flour, and get baking with your family! Not only do Children in Need benefit, but you also get to enjoy baking and of course eating the cakes you create!

We had intended to sell our cupcakes and donate the proceeds to Children in Need, but as the boys are unwell, we are just making a donation to Children in Need instead! But don’t worry Kirsty (who had kindly agreed to buy one of Boo’s cakes from him) we will make sure when we Boo is better that he makes a cake especially for you and we’ll even deliver it!

Disclaimer: We were sent all the main ingredients to make the cupcakes by Baking Mad, all thoughts (and the cakes!) are our own!

My Winter Skin Must Haves from Green People!

A little while ago I spoke to the lovely ladies at Green People, about Boo suffering from red dry cheeks all of last winter and my concern that it might happen again. His skin is quite sensitive, and over the summer he’d had a nasty reaction to a ‘sensitive’ children’s face cream, so I’ve been cautious finding a new cream for him.

Green People suggested I tried their Mum & Baby Rescue Balm. The Mum & Baby Rescue Balm is fragrance free and suitable for use on dry skin, nipples and perineum so it is ideal for all stages of pregnancy and child!

It is a really rich balm, so even a tiny bit goes a long way. Containing loads of natural organic ingredients it really is like great food for your skin. I’ve been using it on Boo’s skin before bed and his face looks less red and certainly more moisturised! I have to confess, I have also been using the balm on my lips, hands, knees oh and on baby’s bum! While it might be too greasy for some to use as a multi-purpose balm, for anyone who suffers with very dry skin like me it is super!

I have always wanted to wear lipstick which would make a big statement,  shouting confidence, but every time I wear lipstick I end up looking more like a clown as my lips swell and become very uncomfortable. When you’re on your way out for a night out, believe me, this is not a good look! I have tried so many times to find a solution, but had never even considered an organic lipstick! I tried the Eco Lipstick in cherry, I was assured it wasn’t as red as it sounded and can confirm it is actually a superb colour, it is more burgundy than ‘red’ with quite a warm shimmer and it really suits my colouring! 

When I applied it, I instantly noticed my lips tingling and my heart sunk thinking that I was about to suffer the same problems as normal, however I was mistaken. The tingling came from the minty flavour in the lipstick, which I found really nice and subtle – much nicer than the ‘taste’ of other lipsticks. It was almost as though I was applying just a lip balm! My lips felt very moisturised, and the colour applied evenly and stayed put! I am definitely going to stick with Green Peoples organic lipstick!

I’d like to Congratulate Green People as their No Scent Baby Oil organic and fairly traded, has just been awarded ‘Best Organic’ Baby Oil and the prestigious Editiors choice in the TIPS awards

Disclaimer: I was sent the Mum & Baby Rescue Balm and Eco Lipstick to review, but all thoughts are my own unbiased opinions based on my experience using the products for the last few weeks. Many Thanks again to Green People for allowing me to try the products.

CareBears Movie Dvd Review and Competition!!

In about 1985 at the top of my Christmas list was a CareBear, there was something about those bears which made them every child’s must have toy! Everyone at my primary school had one, and mine was the yellow one – Funshine.

I have to admit I was ecstatic when Abbey Home Media asked us to review the new Care Bear Double Movie Dvd pack, although slightly concerned that perhaps Boo would be less impressed. 

Packaging Design © 2011 Abbey Home Media Group Ltd. All rights reserved. Care Bears™ and related trademarks © 2011 Those Characters From Cleveland, Inc.

Settling down to watch the first movie ‘Carebears to the Rescue’ Boo was instantly very keen,  the colours are much more vivid than the 1980’s version and the bears are less cute and more cool! Funshine definitely wasn’t this colourful in 1985!

Packaging Design © 2011 Abbey Home Media Group Ltd. All rights reserved. Care Bears™ and related trademarks © 2011 Those Characters From Cleveland, Inc.

Boo really enjoyed the DVD, it was very action packed and left him on the edge of his bean bag on more than one occasion! Boo instantly loved Bedtime Bear and the naughty ‘Grumpy’. We’ve watched it a couple of times since it arrived and it is definitely a feel good film – perfect to watch during these cold winter months!

As soon as the first film had ended Boo asked to see the next one ‘Share Bear Shines’, we managed to make him resist until the following day! Boo found the second film slightly harder to watch, the story line is a little more involved and cleverly teaches about the joys of sharing..something Boo isn’t very good at! So perhaps we need to watch it a little more…

Whether you’re nostalgic like me or just keen to find some great entertainment to keep the little ones quiet during the Christmas holidays the CareBears won’t disappoint!

Abbey Home Media have kindly offered 5 copies of the CareBears Movie feature pack as prizes! Hooray!!

To enter:

1. Follow the blog via GFC (Google Friend Connect)
2. Tell me in a comment below: If you were a CareBear who would you be & Why?  (you can make one up!) Remember to leave you Twitter ID or email address so I can contact you if you win!!

Winners will be selected at random after the closing date: 9am 24th November 2011. Good Luck!!

Terms & Conditions:

There are a total of 5 prizes to be won.
I reserve the right to re-draw the winner, in the event that the original winners do not reply within 72hours 
Winners will be selected using
Only one entry per person. 
Only entrants who complete all required entry steps will be eligible to win.
Only one prize per household.
Winners details will be passed onto Abbey Home Media for prizes to be dispatched.
Sorry, this competition is only open to UK residents

Discover Dogs with the Kennel Club.

Whether you’re considering getting a dog, are an experienced dog owner there is something for you at Discover Dogs. This is the 15th event organised by the Kennel Club and show casing more than 200 breeds of pedigree dogs! I have always grown up with dogs, and I strongly believe that children learning to respect dogs is an important part of growing up. Boo already understands that while he may be able to climb all over a family dog he cannot get too close to our friends lurcher as he will growl. Boo adores dogs, but understands that they need to be treated with respect, and that not all dogs want to be petted.

Discover Dogs not only offers visitors the opportunity to meet a variety of different dog breeds, but there are events to keep the whole family occupied for the entire visit!  The seminars look fantastic and cover topics as diverse as ‘What to look for in a dog trainer’ to ‘The psychological benefits of owning a dog’.

Breed rescue is also represented at the event and it is a great opportunity to ask questions or address concerns you might have about adopting a rescue dog.

The event is held on 12th & 13th November 2011 at Earls Court 1, sponsored by Royal Canine and tickets can be purchased from here and accompanied children under 12 go free!

Disclaimer: I was asked to write the post by the Kennel Club, but I was not paid for writing it and all thoughts are my own.