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THRIFTY FASHION for summer – Sustainable Style

It’s been a while since I shared some of my thrifty fashion finds. As the weather has been sunny, it has made me start to think about what I’ll be wearing this summer! I make no secret that I love to charity shop, and I’ve had some fabulous purchases recently. You can read more about my charity shopping tips here.

I have not owned a decent pair of denim shorts since the pair I owned as a teenager which I wore until they literally fell to bits! I have been looking to replace them ever since, but I’ve never found a pair which fit quite right. This week I finally found a super pair, which are perfect! They’re The White Company, and I found them in a Cancer Research Shop for around £6!

I think a lot of people shun t-shirts and vests at charity shops as they’re such a cheap thing to buy new. But, I’m buying second hand for environmental reasons, so I’ll happily look through all the things!

Every summer, I wear cardigans to help with the changeable British weather! But sometimes a jacket works with an outfit slightly better. I gave my favourite jacket away last summer, as it didn’t suit me anymore. Imagine my delight when I found a casual Monsoon linen jacket on a 50p rail! It is perfect with a dress or teamed with my new to me denim shorts! It’s so light that it’s almost a shirt, and I love the handkerchief style front, though I may need a brooch to secure it on days when it’s windy!

I’m keeping my eyes peeled for a pair of sandals, I know people have mixed views on second hand shoes, but I have to admit that when I buy them they always look unworn. Often with sale stickers still stuck on them.

Garden thriftiness! #magpiemonday

The sun was shining brightly, and the carboots were heaving..so our Sunday morning started in style! We are slowly doing up our garden, and I have been desperate to find garden furniture but with a minimal budget I have a minimal choice. Being pregnant, the fabric and metal framed furniture has not appealed, as I fear I will land on the floor..(ok I may not have gained that much weight, but I feel as though I have!) and the sturdier furniture is more than my budget will stretch to at the moment! So it was with huge excitement I spotted this very ordinary plastic garden chair, and with great glee I handed over £4.50! The chair is sturdy and reclines, best bit…I saw a brand new cushion which will fit it perfectly at a charity shop on Friday so I’m hoping it might still be there later today! 

I went on to buy two of these for 50pence each..

They’re insulated coca-cola glasses, with a lid and slide top so you don’t have to worry about a) spillages or b) bugs in the glass! They were sealed and brand new, and while I’ve never been on the Royal Caribbean cruise ships I can recline on my new chair sipping an ice cold drink pretending to be sailing away somewhere exotic all from the comfort of my garden!

Linking up with the lovely Liz for Magpie Monday, do check it out if you love a thrifty bargain! 

Ms G x

Saving money and being “green” while cleaning..

Have you ever looked at how much money you spend on cleaning products each year? I don’t know about you, but Mr G is obsessed with buying very expensive toilet cleaner which claims to kill lots of germs and eliminate limescale, I’m not sure about the germs but it doesn’t deal with the limescale, and it does dye my toilet blue..but that’s another blog post. These cleaning products tend to contain lots of chemicals, and really I don’t like using them or having them around the children. When I was invited to an event with ecloth, I was delighted as I have been using their cloths for quite a while, and being able to visit the luxury 5 star Royal Garden Hotel in Kensington, who themselves are proud to say they use ecloths to clean with, was an added bonus! 

ecloth, eliminate the need for lots of products to clean with, suddenly all you need is a bottle of water to spray onto a surface and an ecloth. How does it work? Most microfibre cloths have between 90,000 and 200,000 fibres per square inch, ecloth have 1.6million! The fibres are important as they trap grease, dirt and bacteria in between the fibres, so they catch bacteria rather than kill it. The benefit? You’re removing the problem rather than killing it and smearing it “dead” all over the surface! The bargain hunters amongst you will argue you can buy a cloth and spray cheaper than one of these cloths, but seriously, each cloth can be washed 300 times, so suddenly spending £5 on a multipurpose ecloth seems very good value to me? 

If you’re interested in how to clean your limescale riddled toilet, I can recommend using a little citric acid left (preferably over night) to work its magic, before giving a good scrub with a loo brush then flush! It’s worked magic on our loo! We use white vinegar as a disinfectant (not with the citric acid!) as due to it’s level of acidity it works magic at germ killing! For some expert tips on how to make your own cleaning products at home (mostly using stuff you probably have in your kitchen cupboard!) check out the greener cleaner! They incidentally, also love ecloth!

Until the end of May 2014 you can enjoy a 20% discount at www.e-cloth.com products by using the discount code ETP20, and there is free delivery on UK orders over £10 to, so it’s the perfect time to stock up! 

Disclaimer: Thanks to ecloth for inviting me to the event to see the products,  all thoughts and opinions are my own and based on my own honest experience using ecloths for approx 3 years. 

Life’s a picnic.. #MagpieMonday

Days out with the family can cost a small fortune in food and drinks alone, so we always try to take a picnic with us when we go out! However, our trusty cooler bag/box don’t exactly inspire the romantic image I visualise when I think of a picnic..and I have been nagging Mr G for a while to let us get a “proper” picnic basket. This week, in the pouring rain I went to drop some of the boys old clothes into the charity shop and spotted a picnic basket which was perfect for us and complete with cups, plates and cutlery! Roll on a summer of thrifty days out with our thrifty £5 picnic basket! 

Some of you will remember my upset when Mr G accidentally smashed my favourite Le Crueset dish it had been a gift and we’d loved it for many years. Not *quite* the Le Creuest dish, but beautiful and fitting well with the picnic basket, I found these two beauties;

How gorgeous are they?! I will have lots of fun with these, and they’ll be ideal for a romantic picnic for two too! Plus at £4 for the pair I think they were a true bargain! 

Linking up with the lovely Liz for Magpie Monday, click the picture below to discover all the other amazing thrifty finds people have discovered this week! 

Caffeine Fuelled Monday..

We’re just getting back into the school routine, I’m still pottering around in my dressing gown until 8am and the exclaiming “oh heck we’re going to be late..” though that should really be “oh heck I’m making us late!”. Clearly more caffeine is required, so this weeks Magpie Monday is brought to you with that in mind.

I have to confess, this isn’t a recent purchase, but a purchase from a charity sale about 2 1/2 years ago and left unloved for the last year, sat at the back of a cupboard Rediscovering things like this is almost as exciting as when I first found it! While I don’t see me ever using it for the purpose it was intended (as I’m not sure I could handle quite that much caffeine!) I do think I need to find somewhere more prominent for it to live and show it a little more love. So.. it is going to be the centre piece of our kitchen makeover! What do you think? Did I spend my £1 (yes £1 – it was still priced when I hauled it out the cupboard!) wisely on something beautiful? I think I did! Someone told me they think it was made for Habitat, but I’m not sure, either way it is fabulous in my view! 

Thrifty shopping to keep the boys busy this holiday! #MagpieMonday

Just in case you’d missed it, it’s the summer holidays! No school runs for 6 weeks is great, however rainy days stuck indoors are less fun! Yesterday we managed a dash to a little local charity sale, the boys both loved having a good rummage through the toys and books and the lady offered to supervise them so I could have a good old rummage too! 

I’ve been banned from buying any more “stuff” so I attempted to choose practical purchases instead, I ended up buying a fabulous throw, it might not be the most exciting to look at but it feels super soft and I couldn’t put it down!

The boys selected a variety of books, most of which were “noisy” ones and looked unread, they provided us with a few hours of reading and button pressing, and hopefully after they’ve entertained us they will go back to charity and entertain someone else!

Boo located a sand art kit, which I think was perhaps the best purchase of the day as for 50pence it has already provided hours of entertainment, the only bit missing was the glue!

Hours more fun to be had, and not as messy as I had feared! Did you have any fabulous bargain finds this week?


All at sea..

I fell in love with these mugs this weekend, I love the shape and the designs of them and had decided they were coming home with me as soon as I saw them! 50 pence later they were both mine, and I have now culled the ugly mugs from the cupboard and these two beauties are now in pride of place:

Sticking with a sea theme, I ended up treating myself to some jewellery in colours which remind me of the sea, both cost me £1.

The bracelet looks stunning on, and the other beads which I think were once part of a longer necklace I hope to re-thread and turn into something else – but there are decisions to be made on whether I turn it into another bracelet or a necklace?

Room For Improvement – £50 Room Makeover!

MoneySupermarket.com challenged bloggers to participate in a challenge to take £50 and do up one room in their home. The Room for Improvement challenge is right up my street as our home is in much need of some TLC! I started by deciding which room to tackle, and initially I decided to tackle the dining room but realised quickly that all I really need in there is some new curtains! Then I looked at our bedroom and realised that this was a room in desperate need of improvement! It took ages to de-clutter this tiny room, I’m a terrible hoarder and I forgot (actually was too embarrassed…) to photograph the clutter before as it was such a mission to empty the room out ready for painting.

After consulting some colour charts, we decided to paint the room a light blue colour as we hoped it might help make the room seem more spacious. So £14.99 went on a pot of paint from Homebase and £5.99 on a roller. As you can see from the original photo our curtains were revolting, (I have to confess they were already in the house when we moved in almost 4years ago) so I really wanted to change them but obviously not blow our budget! A trip to Argos bought us a black out blind for £12.94 and while Mr G had to trim it to fit our strange sized window it was worth every penny. I’ve used an old brooch to attach to the bottom of the blind, when it’s up it adds a nice detail to it.

I grabbed this lamp shade from the carboot, it’s not perfect, but costing just £1 I’m sure with a little glue I can correct the loose ribbon!

We also decided to address our need to display the junk precious things I find while out and about being thrifty! So we decided to invest in a shelf, we looked everywhere and I was being ultra fussy, Mr G was not impressed! Luckily for him, we found a brand new one (still sealed) at the car boot for a bargain price of £5 – I love the design of it and think it works well in our room! 

I was then able to indulge my love of thrifty shopping and while searching for a new vase to use in our room I came across these:

I love these little dishes, and they are the perfect colour to go with our room, I jumped at them for the bargain price of a £2!

Last but not least, the room needed some fresh flowers, and I used a tea light lantern I picked up in a local sale for £1 as a vase with some flowers cut from our garden.


Our total spend was: £42.92 and I’m hoping to use the remaining money to buy the bits I need to paint the window frame which as you can see is in dire need of painting!

Disclaimer: Moneysupermarket.com provided me with £50 to participate in the Room for Improvement Challenge

Thrifty fashion – It’s all about the Print..

After a 3.15am start to Sunday due to Boo being full of cold, I decided to use the early start wisely and head to the carboot sale early. There were surprisingly less sellers than normal, I guess the torrential rain on Saturday night had put many people off, but there was still plenty to wonder around and hunt out some bargains. 
I found some adorable Joules wellington boots with a mouse logo on, but I wasn’t sure what size I needed for E, and in the time I took to decide to buy them anyway someone else had got there first. However, instead Boo ended up with a pair which will hopefully fit him by winter (they are currently 2 sizes too large..)

Don’t they have a fun tractor design? I love finding things like this for Boo to wear! The lady also included a pair of fleece hunter welly socks for him – so he’s really sorted!

Next up, I fell in love with the print on this dress so even though it’s a bit big, it had to come home with me! Now I just need to invest in a sewing machine so I can take it in!

I love the nautical print, and I’m hoping this will be perfect for me to wear on our summer adventures! The question is can I find some thrifty accessories to complete the look?!

Have you had any fabulous thrifty finds this week?