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THRIFTY FASHION for summer – Sustainable Style

It’s been a while since I shared some of my thrifty fashion finds. As the weather has been sunny, it has made me start to think about what I’ll be wearing this summer! I make no secret that I love to charity shop, and I’ve had some fabulous purchases recently. You can read more about my charity shopping tips here.

I have not owned a decent pair of denim shorts since the pair I owned as a teenager which I wore until they literally fell to bits! I have been looking to replace them ever since, but I’ve never found a pair which fit quite right. This week I finally found a super pair, which are perfect! They’re The White Company, and I found them in a Cancer Research Shop for around £6!

I think a lot of people shun t-shirts and vests at charity shops as they’re such a cheap thing to buy new. But, I’m buying second hand for environmental reasons, so I’ll happily look through all the things!

Every summer, I wear cardigans to help with the changeable British weather! But sometimes a jacket works with an outfit slightly better. I gave my favourite jacket away last summer, as it didn’t suit me anymore. Imagine my delight when I found a casual Monsoon linen jacket on a 50p rail! It is perfect with a dress or teamed with my new to me denim shorts! It’s so light that it’s almost a shirt, and I love the handkerchief style front, though I may need a brooch to secure it on days when it’s windy!

I’m keeping my eyes peeled for a pair of sandals, I know people have mixed views on second hand shoes, but I have to admit that when I buy them they always look unworn. Often with sale stickers still stuck on them.

Thrifty Festive Fashion – My fab find!

I’m going to say it again, Christmas is on the way! I love to dress up for Christmas, but with invites to parties, Christmas day and New Years Eve I’d need a small fortune to have a new outfit for each event! However, I’m not keen on the idea of having just one dress for well.. everything! I was having a rummage in my local charity shop (as I do!) when I came across a skirt perfect for the festive season!

I love the colours, the deep purple is rather glamourous and there are so many colours you could wear with it! While it is really quite a dressy skirt, it could easily be dressed down with a black cardigan and my black knee high boots, so I can see myself wearing it for lunch with friends! Quite a bargain at £4 I think! 

Linking up with Liz, go and explore all the wonderful thrifty finds her linky has!


Thrifty fashion – It’s all about the Print..

After a 3.15am start to Sunday due to Boo being full of cold, I decided to use the early start wisely and head to the carboot sale early. There were surprisingly less sellers than normal, I guess the torrential rain on Saturday night had put many people off, but there was still plenty to wonder around and hunt out some bargains. 
I found some adorable Joules wellington boots with a mouse logo on, but I wasn’t sure what size I needed for E, and in the time I took to decide to buy them anyway someone else had got there first. However, instead Boo ended up with a pair which will hopefully fit him by winter (they are currently 2 sizes too large..)

Don’t they have a fun tractor design? I love finding things like this for Boo to wear! The lady also included a pair of fleece hunter welly socks for him – so he’s really sorted!

Next up, I fell in love with the print on this dress so even though it’s a bit big, it had to come home with me! Now I just need to invest in a sewing machine so I can take it in!

I love the nautical print, and I’m hoping this will be perfect for me to wear on our summer adventures! The question is can I find some thrifty accessories to complete the look?!

Have you had any fabulous thrifty finds this week?