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Beauty Boost Skin Restore; Review & Competition

Green People are one of my favourite organic beauty brands. I discovered Green People’s Beauty Boost  Skin Restore by accident. I ran out of face cream, and grabbed a sample sachet which I’d been sent a while ago. What a happy accident it was! A reminder to be braver and try new skincare from time to time! You see, I’ve reached an age when to be blunt my skin looks tired. I don’t drink enough water, and I drink far too much caffeine. My skin looks in desperate need of hydration.

Beauty BoostBeauty Boost

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WIN with Sophie la girafe #Organic Skincare

Sophie la girafe skincare products are gentle enough for the whole family, while aimed at babies and young children, I have to confess that I adore their natural baby oil and indulgent body lotion. The entire range is Ecocert certified Organic, which means the products contain at least 95% natural products, and absolutely no parabens. The Ecocert label, means you can be sure that it contains no harsh chemicals, and instead contains fabulous natural ingredients.

Sophie La Girafe Cosmetics, FanFan

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Protect your skin and help the Marine Conservation Society

Are you sweltering in the heat wave or planning a holiday somewhere sunny? Either way you are probably thinking about sun lotion, we all know the benefits of slapping on a good SPF and protecting our skin but have you ever considered why an Organic, natural sun lotion might be better for both you and the environment?

It came as a bit of a surprise to me that around 25% of ingredients from sun lotions applied to skin are released into the water over the course of 20minutes swimming. Chemicals which are often used to create the UV filters to protect our skin from the suns rays are the vary same chemicals which researchers have found to be causing havoc in marine life causing such effects as viral infection in coral reefs. Green People are donating 30pence from the sale of each Organic Scent-Free SPF 25 sun lotion to The Marine Conservation Society and continues to avoid the use of chemicals which are found to cause harm to marine environments even at low levels.

Fun childrens clothing!

Sometimes I find buying clothes for the boys difficult, you see I want them to wear fun clothes which they will enjoy wearing and I will enjoy seeing them in. All too often clothes for children – especially toddlers, are just mini versions of adults clothes, and don’t scream fun!

When I came across Love it, Love it, Love it, I was delighted to see that fun clothes for children were out there! Brightly coloured with bold patterns and funky designs, toddlers clothes are fun! Proof that boys can have just as much fun with their wardrobe!

I love the retro patterns on these lovely Smafolk tops and rompers, sadly my boys are both to big to fit the rompers, but I’m sure I’ll be able to let my friends treat their children! There are some lovely organic clothes to which are fabulous for sensitive skin, I’m especially fond of the green cloud jacket which goes up to age 8 – such fun for either a boy or girl!


Newborn Hamper by Green People the perfect gift!

Green People now offer a fabulous gift hamper to pamper newborn babies and their delicate skin. Filled with all the luxurious organic treats, this really is a fantastic gift for any new arrival! I have to confess, that I’m quite tempted to get one for Elvis’ 1st Birthday in January!


The hamper is on special offer at the moment and is priced at £29.99, which is quite a saving! It contains: 

 Scent Free Mum & Baby Rescue Balm 100ml great for babies with dry skin and for soothing sore cracked nipples before and after breast feeding 
Scent Free Baby Oil 100ml perfect for a bonding baby massage, moisturising cradle cap and keeps mum’s bump supple and soft
Scent Free Baby Wash & Shampoo 150ml carefully formulated for babies delicate & sensitive skin
Chamomile Nappy Cream Baby Balm 40ml protects bottoms from the dampness that can lead to nappy rash
Soft and Cuddly Organic Cotton Bib with a cute picture of Budsie or Organic Babies mascot.

Super soft lips and immaculate skin..

Green People offer a fabulous range of organic skincare and since having my children my skin has changed dramatically, not only is it older but it is also more sensitive! Buying skincare has become a bit of a nightmare as I often find I end up with rosy red cheeks and generally fairly uncomfortable skin.

My handbag beauty essential over the winter months is a good lip balm, I like to feel my lips are well protected and so tend to go for products which are quite heavy, this isn’t always a good thing and can further aggravate my skin! Green People’s  ‘No scent soft lips‘  is natural lip balm, providing all the protection without the need for nasties! I was warned that a little of this goes a long way, and it really does! It absorbs fairly quickly and easily into your lips, there is no scent or colour so Mr G could use it too (if I would let him!). My lips are noticeably softer since using this and I don’t feel I need to reapply it constantly!

I’m quite blessed with nice skin, rarely suffering from spots, but when I get them I want them gone!!
 Blemish Banish is designed to cover and treat spots, it contains tea tree, green tea and pineapple as active ingredients. It doesn’t just mask the spot, it deals with it, getting rid of it and leaving no trace, you can feel it working and the hint of colour to reduce the appearance of redness is nice too. What’s not to like? I really wanted to love this, but..I have to confess I didn’t get on with it, i found it made my spot(s) angrier although when they went the skin was very clear.

Vita Min Fix this is an amazing 24hour organic moisturiser by Green People, initially I wasn’t sure I would like it as it didn’t have the allure of a fancy jar and thick double cream texture. However my skin told a different story which quickly altered my opinion! A couple of hours after the first application you could see my skin already looked brighter, I used it as a night cream too and in the morning was delighted that my skin looked really refreshed (ignoring the dark circles under my eyes which go along with parenthood of course!). I really should have taken a before and after photo, I don’t believe in miracle creams, but my skin loved this and it’s definitely going on my Christmas list!

Between 17th and 23rd October 2011 it is National Parents Week, and to celebrate Green People are have two special offers so Mums & Dads can have a few minutes pampering:

For Mums – Our luxurious Moisturising Shower Gel, scented with Neroli and Mandarin rejuvenates the skin leaving it super soft. 
Normally £10.95 quote ‘PARENTMUM’ to buy this for £7.00!

For Dads – Our super fresh Cool Style Shower Wash naturally cleanses, energises and refreshes with organic Mint and Eucalyptus.
Normally £10.50 quote ‘PARENTDAD’ to buy it for £6.00!

Disclaimer: I was sent the products free of charge for review, however all views are my own.

Back to School Treats with Whole Earth Foods

It’s that time of year where the days are already starting to get shorter, and as the children go back to or start school, thoughts turn to warming winter treats!

Whole Earth Food offer a variety of organic treats, yes I did say treats! They believe that eating organic is not only about being healthy but still having great flavours! Last year I reviewed their peanut butter and raved about how we enjoyed it, in fact it is still a regular on my shopping list and no other brand is acceptable in our household anymore!

We were lucky enough to be sent a variety of Whole Earth foods fantastic Chocolate Spreads to review!

The Dark Chocolate Spread came as perhaps the greatest surprise, I expected quite a bitter flavour and was amazed that actually the flavour is comparable with a rich dark bar of chocolate. There is a super recipe for Dark Chocolate Cupcakes which Boo & I are going to be trying out today! Boo happily sat eating it thickly spread onto toast only to ask for more at the end! It contains 30% cocoa and all the spreads are approved by the vegetarian society as suitable for vegetarians.

Crunchy Hazelnut Spread is packed full of crushed hazelnuts, it really is a nutty experience! Mr G & I loved this, Boo found that he didn’t enjoy the tiny bits of nuts in his teeth, although loved it when we spread it onto frozen banana ‘lollies’ as a chocolaty coating! It was divine on toast, really sweet and very luxurious! Mr G enjoyed this on toast in the morning and found he felt full until lunch.

Our absolute family favourite and in fact we have already bought another jar (actually two..) has to be the Chocolate & Caramel Swirl Spread it even sounds delicious doesn’t it? This was rich and creamy, when spread on toast it tasted almost like fudge! A teaspoonful sneakily enjoyed in the kitchen was better than a single chocolate liberated from an open box! It is the ultimate treat and perfect to brighten up dull autumn days! I’m experimenting with cooking with this one, and will endeavour to update my best discoveries!

Whole Earth food chocolate spreads contain no nasty preservatives or hydrogenated fats, making them ideal for making ‘dull toast’ into a tasty after-school treat! You can find Whole Earth Foods in major supermarkets as well as a variety of health food shops. Follow them on twitter or join their facebook page for more news and ideas!

Miniscoff – Organic Meals for Children..

I stumbled upon Miniscoff rather by accident, their name made me investigate their twitter page further as I wondered whether I would be confronted with a page on eating teeny tiny portions of something obscure. Fortunately I was pleasantly surprised and intrigued enough about the company to not only investigate even further, but also contact them to see if I could let my readers in on possibly the best kept secret in feeding children!

Let’s face it, I have talked before about my inability to be a domestic goddess and about my general lack of time or organisation. So it is not really a surprise when I tell you that Boo’s meals are a long way from the healthy meals I was fed as a child – I think I’m doing well if he gets fish fingers, mashed potato and peas. Now, there is nothing wrong with feeding him that, but, I feel guilty, especially if Mr G and I sit down to dinner later and eat something considerably more healthy and appetising. This is where Miniscoff comes in!

Miniscoff are all about being able to feed your child healthy, organic food which is not only tasty but also easy! Their meals are frozen, so literally lift out of the freezer and either oven cook or microwave..what could be easier? Personally, I find it incredibly special that Miniscoff is actually run by parents, who started this business to feed their own children and therefore they really seem to understand what children (and parents!) want! You just have to look at the names of the meals to get a great impression ‘ChilliYum Yum’ and ‘Curly Wurly Chicken’ they do sound good don’t they? To top this they have also just introduced a range of chilled sauces which enable you to quickly make a tasty meal at home, knowing that you are still using the finest organic ingredients! They guarantee the vegetables are 100% organic, and where possible locally grown. They also guarantee absolutely no processed meats, additives or preservatives, it’s all fresh food which is fast frozen to keep the goodness in!

So it’s probably not a surprise when i tell you that they won Gold in the 2010/11 Practical Parenting & Pregnancy Awards in the category ‘Best Children’s Food Range’. The downside, currently Miniscoff are only available via Ocado or Abel & Cole, which means if you run out you can’t just nip to the local shop to top up..BUT….the good thing is they both deliver so no more dragging your toddler around the supermarket! So, having placed my order, I’m sat awaiting what tasty goodies will arrive for Boo and myself (as obviously I shall join his taste test!). While I wait I might make one of the recipes on their website, Chicken Bolognese now this looks very tasty and i think Mr G & I will probably end up squabbling for seconds!

This is NOT a sponsored post, I received no payment or product for writing the post, all thoughts are my own.