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Greener Living in 2018?

Collaborative Post

Our Christmas was spent marred by ill health. While I had the flu jab to help protect me in pregnancy, whatever strain of this flu like bug was not the one I was protected against. I spent Christmas asleep on the sofa under a blanket.  Mr G did much the same to see in the New Year, yes I like to share, even my germs.

The benefit of illness has been I have found time to sit and read while Mr G has lay shivering on the sofa over the last few days. I picked up a copy of How Green Are my Wellies at a charity shop before Christmas, for the princely sum of 90 pence. It’s beautifully written, and an easy read, and has sought to remind me how “green” we are as a family. It also made me wonder whether we could be Greener Living in 2018?

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Let it grow..

We are blessed to have a lovely garden, and Boo loves being outside – whatever the weather he loves digging about in the mud, running around dressed as a cowboy and generally having plenty of fun! I have to confess though, that I have never thought about actually encouraging him to actually grow things himself – we talk about what things are and discover things but have never attempted to grow very much at all.. We did attempt tomatoes last year but unfortunately the skins on them were very thick and tasted “yuk” (that’s the word from the then 3yr old!) so we weren’t entirely successful. Over the last few months though, Boo has started to show an interest in growing fruit and vegetables or colourful plants from seed!

So, imagine Boo’s excitement when he received his own gardening kit:

We wasted no time and Boo started planting some seeds! One of the great things about gardening, is you can also encourage other skills – for example Boo carefully wrote the labels for each of the seeds he planted:

Boo has been hugely attentive of his seeds and within 10days he came screaming across the garden to tell me that he had a seedling:

How exciting! If it grows into a huge plant I will update! He’s also decided to grow a variety of vegetables, which are doing really well too, and we’re all looking forward to tasting anything we manage to grow, we’re attempting courgettes and tomatoes – wish us luck! x

This post is an entry for BritMums’ #KidsGrowWild Challenge