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Getting your garden summer ready!

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If you’re lucky enough to have a garden, I’m sure you will agree there is no where better to enjoy a cuppa on a summers evening! With summer rapidly approaching, and the evenings being lighter, my thoughts have turned to gardening! It’s time to get the garden ready for summer!

Gardening – Maintenance

It is time to get the lawn mower out! May is time to start mowing the lawn again, and that means it becomes a weekly job until Autumn. I also like to try to do some weeding every week – just to keep on top of things, although I confess I’m not very good at remembering to! Getting on with these jobs I do find I need to replace certain garden tools, and Garden Tool Box is a good resource for finding the best garden tools.

Add some colour!

I love to add some colour to my garden using hanging baskets. You can buy them ready planted, but I admit I quite like planting my own! Empty, used hanging baskets seem to regularly turn up on selling groups so it is worth keeping your eyes peeled! It’s fun planting hanging baskets as you can choose exactly the colours you want. This year I’m hoping to find some cast iron garden furniture and paint it in a deep blue – a new colourful feature for my garden! If you don’t need new garden furniture, make sure yours is clean and ready to use – perhaps invest in new cushions for chairs – it’s a great way to cheaply introduce a fresh colour.

gardening in pots

Grow your own!

I have to admit that I don’t grow anywhere near as much fruit and vegetables as I should. If you have a limited garden space, you can still grow your own vegetables – plant them up in pots! Potatoes grow really well in potato sacks, we had a huge crop last year and they were so tasty! I am going to attempt sweetcorn again this year, last year was a disaster – we got nothing more than a narrow plant. I think even growing a few herbs in a small pot really makes a garden wonderful in summer.


Make sure you find a space in your garden where you can relax. Sometimes it is hard to remember that your garden needs a grown-up space where you can relax with a good book! I love the children being able to play in the garden, but I have reserved a space for grown ups using my table and chairs! I’ve created the area using pots planted of lavender and rosemary which carefully mark out the grown up space. This way we can all enjoy the garden this summer!

Garden thriftiness! #magpiemonday

The sun was shining brightly, and the carboots were heaving..so our Sunday morning started in style! We are slowly doing up our garden, and I have been desperate to find garden furniture but with a minimal budget I have a minimal choice. Being pregnant, the fabric and metal framed furniture has not appealed, as I fear I will land on the floor..(ok I may not have gained that much weight, but I feel as though I have!) and the sturdier furniture is more than my budget will stretch to at the moment! So it was with huge excitement I spotted this very ordinary plastic garden chair, and with great glee I handed over £4.50! The chair is sturdy and reclines, best bit…I saw a brand new cushion which will fit it perfectly at a charity shop on Friday so I’m hoping it might still be there later today! 

I went on to buy two of these for 50pence each..

They’re insulated coca-cola glasses, with a lid and slide top so you don’t have to worry about a) spillages or b) bugs in the glass! They were sealed and brand new, and while I’ve never been on the Royal Caribbean cruise ships I can recline on my new chair sipping an ice cold drink pretending to be sailing away somewhere exotic all from the comfort of my garden!

Linking up with the lovely Liz for Magpie Monday, do check it out if you love a thrifty bargain! 

Ms G x