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Hair care and hair confidence!

When you see someone for the first time, one of the first things you notice is their hair. When I think about hair, I always think of those shampoo adverts where women flick their glossy locks and strut confidently along. Or gorgeous male models with super shiny hair smiling confidently. Great hair makes you look confident! (and hopefully feel confident too!) So, how can you best care for your hair?

Happy hair!
Happy hair!

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Frizzy Hair No More!

I really struggle to control my frizz especially in the summer when the humidity plays havoc with my curls! I need a helping hand to give me the sleek locks I desire, whether I’m wearing my hair straight or in its naturally curly state! This is where John Frieda comes in, they have a great selection of products to help me get the look I want minus the frizz and I was sent a great selection to try out!

The serum works really well applied to wet hair to give a great shine and easily contains my frizzy locks, my hair is quite thick so I found I had to apply it in layers to ensure I got an even coverage. You really don’t need much serum though, so apply it sparingly to avoid the wet look! It works well to contain frizz in curls or straight styles!

I have to confess my absolute favourite product is the Secret Agent, it smells fabulous and is easy to apply to dry hair to give the perfect finish to either curls or straight styles. Secret Agent has frequently been my hair style saviour, and it’s a product I really couldn’t live without! It contains UV filters so is ideal to protect your hair – especially in summer!

Last but not least, Straight Fixation makes light work of keeping frizz at bay when I straighten my hair, a small amount applied to my hair when damp before blow drying protects against heat damage and avoids the risk that my sleek straight style turns frizzy at the first sign of moisture in the air! 

You can check out how easy it is to transform curls into a sleek straight style here:

Disclaimer: I was sent the products for the purposes for the review, however I am already a John Frieda customer and have been using the Secret Agent for a while so all thoughts and comments are my own.