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Greener Living in 2018?

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Our Christmas was spent marred by ill health. While I had the flu jab to help protect me in pregnancy, whatever strain of this flu like bug was not the one I was protected against. I spent Christmas asleep on the sofa under a blanket.  Mr G did much the same to see in the New Year, yes I like to share, even my germs.

The benefit of illness has been I have found time to sit and read while Mr G has lay shivering on the sofa over the last few days. I picked up a copy of How Green Are my Wellies at a charity shop before Christmas, for the princely sum of 90 pence. It’s beautifully written, and an easy read, and has sought to remind me how “green” we are as a family. It also made me wonder whether we could be Greener Living in 2018?

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Why Choose Ethical Fashion?

I was amazed to learn that the fashion industry is one of the biggest polluters in the world. This is not just terrible for the environment, it is dire for the workers who are exposed to dangerous chemicals or poor working conditions in order to mass produce fashion. In the UK we throw away a terrible amount of textiles each year. While many feel that their conscience is clear as they’ve taken it to be recycled, be aware that many fabrics can’t be recycled, and much of our unwanted textiles end up in African countries sitting in large bales. We have simply transferred a problem.

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A Greener Christmas 5 Easy Tips!

Living a more sustainable lifestyle, doesn’t have to be difficult, just a few small steps will help you on your way to having a more sustainable or “greener” lifestyle. Christmas is the time when many of us notice excessive lifestyles, just think about the excess packaging and food waste, so what better time to make small changes? Here are our tips to A Greener Christmas in 5 (easy) Tips!

Christmas Bauble

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