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Bra Shopping

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When did you last replace your bras? I recently learnt that you’re meant to replace your bras every 6 months or so. Some of my bras I dread to think how long I have owned them! So, when I got the opportunity to treat myself to some new lingerie from UK Lingerie I decided to update my bras!

The Sports Bra

One of the best bras to invest in is a sports bra, if you do any level of fitness activity. I have a couple of sports bras already, but I really wanted a great sports bra which would offer optimum support. I’m upping my fitness, so I need something with plenty of support!

Image: UK Lingerie

I opted for a Shock Absorber Ultimate Run bra – as it is seam free on the inside – no chaffing! I like that you buy this style by bra size, although on advice I went a chest band size – and was pleased I had! It is a really comfortable bra for exercising in, it supports and keeps me coold – it seems to wick sweat away. I think it helps my posture while I’m running too.

The T-shirt Bra

I like having a t-shirt bra as I wear a lot of fitted shirts, and I don’t want my bra showing through! I chose a Wonderbra Ultimate Silhouette T-shirt Bra. This is a great bra! It fits true to size, is seriously comfortable, and gives me a great shape! I like the fact that this can be worn with quite low cut tops too. The cut of the bra means it works with a low v-neck and not just t-shirts! I chose the nude colour as it works with all my summer wardrobe, but I’ll be investing in a black one too!

The Balconette Bra!

I think you need a balconette bra or a push-up bra in your lingerie drawer! Personally, I’m a fan of a balconette bra, I prefer the fit to push-up bras and they seem to work well with my wardrobe.

So those are my essential bras, and now I’m wearing the right size and style every day no matter what I’m doing!

Breastfeeding and returning to work. #Win A Nursing Bra E: 12/08

Breastfeeding doesn’t have to stop when you go back to work, but it is important to think about how you want to continue breastfeeding when you return to work, as early as possible. One of the easiest ways to keep breastfeeding once you’ve returned to work is to express, so I thought I’d share some of my tips which might help!

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Breasts, bras and pregnancy..

Boobs, breasts, tits, bosoms – whatever you call them, every woman however small or big chested has a different opinion on their assets and their choice of support. I am from the generation of girls who looked at that Wonderbra advert and went “Oh wowser..” and instantly assumed that I should always be rocking a cleavage like that.  I always spent a fair amount on underwear, I could live with cheap clothes, but really saw underwear as the present beneath the wrapping – and even if I was single wearing a well fitting bra made me feel amazing.

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Sexy, Comfortable Lingerie!

I recently tried out Berlei’s Heaven Lace Non Wire bra, it arrived and instantly made me smile, it’s a bra which is soft to touch and looks fabulous. Fit wise, I was impressed with just how supportive the bra, the entire design carefully supports your bust and when it’s on you have the support of a wired bra with the comfort of a non-wired style. Does it look good on? Yes! I feel spectacular wearing it, in truth I’ve chosen to wear it several times this week just as it makes me feel fabulous even when I’m lounging about at home. Is it comfortable? Exceptionally, the lace is super soft and it barely feels there, it’s a style which proves you don’t have to forego style for comfort even with D+ cup!

The Heaven Lace Tummy Control brief, if you want a pair of pants which will make you feel fantastic on a day when all you want to do is open the biscuit tin, can I suggest you try these? My curves are flattered and my tummy seems to shrink, Mr G remarked that we ought to buy lots of these as they look fantastic on me – a compliment indeed. These give you the sexy effect of a glimpse of a skin behind lace, they are superb:

I love them! I probably wouldn’t wear them everyday, but I would certainly wear them whenever I needed to be comfortable but wanted to feel a bit sexy and confident too!

Also in the range is the Heaven Lace Boxer, this has lace detail which is in a thick band all the way around! Again the style is focused on comfort but looks superb, and I found these boxers very comfortable to wear! They’re a more subtle style, and I think I’d wear this style on most days! 

Disclaimer: I received this set for the purposes of an honest review, all thoughts are my own.

The 5K challenge is creeping nearer..

I decided it is about time I updated you on my fitness efforts, especially with my 5k now only a month away! I have to confess that my training isn’t going quite as it should be, I have had to step things down after stirring up an old injury, it’s frustrating but there’s I’ve had to accept that rest is required – and I can still do some non-weight bearing strengthening exercises, so all is not lost! I look back to where I was a year ago, and I can’t see that much has changed physically, I’ve dropped bra cup sizes but not dress sizes! But then this was never really about weight loss, it was about being physically fit and strong. Fitness wise, so much has changed! A year ago, just the thought of running made me break into a sweat and I was terrified when I first tried to run! Aerobically I’m in a much better place, and it’s noticeable that I run around with my sons without having to have a “rest”. Now I just need to be a bit more strict with my diet, and really opt for the healthy options rather than raid the biscuit tin at the first opportunity…(usually just after the school run!). 

Anyway, as some of you know I have been trying out some Bras for Berlei, and sharing my thoughts on things over on the Berlei blog. I fell in love with the Berlei running bra, not only is it really supportive but it’s ultra comfortable to – in fact I am wearing it now (and I am not running while I type I can assure you!). Berlei have launched a special edition of the bra  in candy pink, and for each bra sold £5 will be donated to the Karen Green Foundation.


Whether you are running or cycling for charity, or just working out in the gym why not consider treating yourself to some comfort and help out a fantastic charity at the same time? 

Are you raising money for charity this year? Let me know as I love to hear about your challenges x