Proud Mummy.

Last night was “parent consultative evening” that’s the new name for Parents evening for those of you who are out of the loop! I have to confess, I don’t “do” these meetings, I go to the school twice a day so it’s my view that I’m within my rights to delegate this task to Mr G. This year Boo’s teacher hasn’t impressed me with his ability to communicate effectively, so I warned Mr G to ensure he actually got answers to any questions he asked. 
The boys went to bed early, and remarkably easily, I think Boo was wondering what his teacher would say about him and hoped that he’d only tell us the good bits! Mr G got home and smiled, they had touched on the incidents of bullying and Mr G had questioned why certain things had or hadn’t been done, there were no real answers but at least we’ve had our say, and for now the situation has eased. Boo’s doing really well and his literacy is of the standard expected of children in the year above. I’ve taken for granted Boo’s reading and spelling, and I’ve only been focusing on the struggles he has with his letter formation so I’d been worrying that maybe he was falling behind! Phew! This morning we made a huge fuss of Boo, and explained that he was doing really well, his reply was hilarious as he smiled and said “I’m so happy I could cry!”. He’s promised to keep on trying hard, and I’ve promised to try to smile a little more and let him play on computer from time to time! I’m not a pushy Mum, but realise if he doesn’t get a good framework then he will struggle in later years, hence we try to add in “educational” (but fun!) activities during family time.

Have you been to Parents Evening yet? How did it go?
Ms G x

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