Welcome Baby number 4..

Baby number 4 has arrived, we’re delighted to welcome a baby BOY! We have been blessed with three sons and a daughter! The children are mostly delighted with their new sibling. I say “Mostly”, as baby poo and baby screaming is not popular! In seriousness, the children are marvellous! I couldn’t have hoped for a better reaction to a new baby brother in the house!

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Greener Living in 2018?

Our Christmas was spent marred by ill health. While I had the flu jab to help protect me in pregnancy, whatever strain of this flu like bug was not the one I was protected against. I spent Christmas asleep on the sofa under a blanket.  Mr G did much the same to see in the New Year, yes I like to share, even my germs.

The benefit of illness has been I have found time to sit and read while Mr G has lay shivering on the sofa over the last few days. I picked up a copy of How Green Are my Wellies at a charity shop before Christmas, for the princely sum of 90 pence. It’s beautifully written, and an easy read, and has sought to remind me how “green” we are as a family. It also made me wonder whether we could be Greener Living in 2018?

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Pregnancy during Christmas and New Year, how to stay healthy but have fun!

This will be my fourth Christmas being pregnant! The second Christmas being heavily pregnant, and I really do mean heavily pregnant? People always say “Oh gosh I bet it’s annoying being pregnant at Christmas, isn’t it?” Well, I have to admit that it’s not all fun and games, but there are some simple steps I take to make sure I can enjoy the season! I’m going to share those with you now!

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Making a Coffee Hamper.

There’s something wonderful about receiving a hamper at Christmas. However, they can be pricey, and often contain things which people don’t like! So, how about making your own?

I am a huge fan of coffee. As are many family and friends! Rombouts kindly sent me a selection of their coffees. So, I had the idea to make coffee hampers to give them for Christmas. The wonderful thing about making your own hampers is they can be as simple or exotic as you like. I also like the fact I can buy most of the bits I want to add while I’m doing my weekly shop!

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Mother and Baby Bathtime gifts

Making time for a bath as a Mama-to-be I find to be incredibly rewarding as a way to bond with my bump. I also remember that making time for a bath as a new Mama is so important – it can make you feel as though you’ve been on a holiday! (Well they do say a change is as good as a break!). With that in mind, I am sharing my favourite bath time products for Mamas and Babies! Continue reading →