Styling a Country Living Room

This Autumn we have decided to focus on reviving our living room. I say reviving as it’s one of our most used rooms. The time has come to breathe new life into it! Living in the country, many styles I like in design magazines don’t really work. We’re lucky that the room is large, with a central wood burner. We’ve recently redecorated to make the walls cream to enhance day light in the room. So, we have a nice bare room to start with. I’m looking to introduce Oak furniture and keep it as loyal to a country home as possible.

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Star Wars Kids Shoes by Po-Zu

Finding ethically produced shoes, and choosing shoes which your child ADORES doesn’t always go hand in hand.

With brands like Converse producing in countries such as China, India and Vietnam you can’t guarantee that children as young as your own aren’t making your shoes. Films such as the True Cost Movie have highlighted the problems of trying to mass produce in order to keep the cost low to the consumer. But at what human cost?

And then, we found these Star Wars Shoes from ethical shoe brand Po-Zu made under license from Lucas Films/Disney, I can please us both! Po-Zu have created a range of styles inspired by iconic Star Wars characters. Styles for both adults and children, and we all adore them!!

Star Wars Styles

The big problem was which style to choose? The Storm Trooper inspired style and the Chewie boot I really loved! However, my son was instantly drawn to the high-top styles. He might only be 6, but he knows what clothes he likes already! Eventually we chose Resistance High Tops.

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Swann CCTV System from Maplin

October is National Home Security Month. According to the National Home Security Month website:

“Research shows that when the clocks go back burglaries spike by a huge 38%!”

A potentially worrying statistic, and certainly a reason to check your home security! Maplin sent us the Swann Pro-Series HD 720p CCTV System. It comes with two cameras, a DVR, a mouse and all the leads required for set up. It also comes with basic signage which explains you have CCTV in operation. The impending clock change makes it the perfect time to review our home security, and to review this CCTV system.

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What do women think about different coloured shirts?

Guest Post

For some men, the process of buying a shirt might be fairly simple — see it, like it, buy it. But for some, a few questions might cross their minds: does it match with the trousers? Is the material of a good quality? Is it suitable for the dress code? Something that men should also be asking is — what does this colour say about me?
Of course, we all know that some colours are more pleasing to the eye than others. But, recent research revealed that there’s more to it than that — it demonstrated that the colours that a man chooses to wear can say a lot about them to onlookers. For example, if they’re looking to come across as powerful they should choose red. If they want to demonstrate their confidence, they should wear black. We have teamed up with Charles Tyrwhitt, experts in gentlemen’s fashion and retailers of men’s formal shirts, to investigate further and find out which colours women prefer on men. Continue reading →

Pregnancy, fitness and SPD

I wanted to try to stay active during this pregnancy. Mostly because one of my dearest friends is getting married 8 months after my baby is due. I don’t want to feel terrific pressure to lose weight after giving birth. So I wanted to try to keep active to keep my weight mildly under control. I also find that being active makes me feel great!

I planned to keep swimming, walking and doing pilates. However, my pregnant body had other ideas and I’ve been suffering with SPD. Struggling with SPD has meant that I can’t walk very far, and swimming is down to floating only. I have been given a strict set of exercises to do by the antenatal Physio. One of my hamstring muscles has got very tight, so I’m doing lots of stretches to try to release it. Continue reading →