Top 5 Space Saving Tips for New Furniture

Maximise space with these five top tips for dressing a smaller room!

Space can be at a premium. From car parking space outside your home to garden space and space in individual rooms. Not having space can mean we feel hemmed in, and that the space is full and cluttered.


But with these ‘space-saving’ tips you can have the stylish and open feel to a room. It is all about colour and choosing furniture carefully so that blends and works together. Continue reading →

Secrets and surprises..

I have been keeping secrets. Now the time has come for me to reveal one secret, my secret. A secret I  never intended on keeping so long. But sometimes, you keep a secret for a while and then you reach an awkward stage of being uncertain how to share the secret. There are lots of reasons why I haven’t shared this news before. But those aren’t reasons I can explain right now. Revealing, will in part explain my sporadic blog posts. For those of you who know me well, it may explain a few things too. So this secret….

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The clutter battle.

Our home is full of “stuff”. I struggle daily to get the children to put their “stuff” away and the battle of clutter seems never ending. Actually, it feels as though it’s getting worse daily. Where does it all come from? I am not sure! But summer always seems to make it multiply! So, the time has come for drastic measures.

Battling clutter

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Vaping around kids. – The dos & don’ts.

Guest post.


In recent times and in light of the health issues smoking causes, it’s no surprise smoking continues to receive an increasing amount of criticism. Health campaigners have been pushing for a blanket ban on smoking in all public places. They want more to be done about the harmful chemicals released not only into the body while smoking but also into the air, which can be consumed by everyone around – children included.

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What is in your luggage?

It’s almost summer holidays! I’m not go through lie, I’m so excited I’ve already started packing! With three children I struggle with my own packing space, so my luggage is packed strategically! I start with a great pair of shoes which I can walk well in. This year Love the Sales have treated me to a new pair of Converse. Super comfortable and so eye catching, they work well with jeans or a skirt! They are perfect for sightseeing in!

Rose gold converse

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