5 Reasons to be Thankful This Winter.

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As the weather gets colder and there’s a chill in the air every time you venture outside, it’s that time of year where everyone starts to reflect on the past year and look ahead to the future. It’s the time of year when we spend extra time with our family, friends and loved ones, enjoying one another’s company and taking some time out to relax.

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3rd Trimester Pregnancy Grumbles

A pregnancy grumble. I have tried hard not to grumble. Well, not too much anyway. However, it is hard when you feel exhausted. It’s hard when you back and hips hurt with every step, but you just can’t stop. You have to keep plodding along. The school run is  something I try to do with a smile. But I am honestly counting down the days until the Christmas holidays. Continue reading →

Bonfire Night Treats..

Bonfire night is upon us, and I know my children love watching fireworks displays! However, I have to be honest by the time we have paid entry fees, I am reluctant to spend on treats while we are there. If you have a bigger family, the cost of going to events really adds up. When I multiply the cost of toffee apples and hot chocolate by the number of children, I’ve spent a lot!

So, this year I’m going all out to prepare special bonfire night treats for us all to enjoy! I know some displays don’t let you take your own snacks and drinks in, but they could be ready and waiting for when you get home! Some of the treats we are going to be making for Bonfire night are Chocolate apples and Toffee Apples. Continue reading →

Simple business branding with Logojoy

If you’re in business, you’ll know it’s really important to get a good logo. But where to start?

Personally, I have no idea where to start creating a logo on the computer! I might be able to draw out what I want, but digitally create it? No!

So, I could pay someone to create the design I want, or look for a site which can do it for me. Thankfully Logojoy came to my rescue. I had to select logos I liked the look of from a list. Then select colours which I liked. This enabled Logojoy to get an idea of the style I was looking to create for my Logo. Continue reading →

The Jewellery Market and same-sex marriages

Guest Post.

In the UK, civil partnership formations have declined by 85% since 2013; this is a result of the introduction of same-sex marriages in March 2014. In the first month of legalisation in the UK, 1,049 same-sex couples got married.
Together with Angelic Diamonds, retailers of bespoke wedding rings, we’re looking at the rise of same-sex marriages and how the affect on the Jewellery Industry. Continue reading →

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