Best weekend break ideas

Want to escape from it all but not got much annual leave to take? Or maybe you’re short on time or have a smaller budget so can’t be away for too long – if so, time you mastered the mini break! Your idea of the best weekend break may be jumping on a plane to a European city, but where? Read on to find out why booking a weekend break could be your best holiday decision yet – here’s plenty of inspirational ideas to get you started.

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Spring: The Perfect Time to Visit the Blue Mountains


Image Source: Pixabay

Spring in NSW sees the flowers bloom, as flowers, trees and shrubs recover from the colder months, and without the stuffiness of summer, the Blue Mountains make for the perfect spring destination. For this very reason, there tends to be a lot of visitors as spring gets underway, and who could blame them when you look at some of the stunning locations this area boasts. September and October offer the perfect climate to see and experience this amazing mountain range that stretches almost 100km, and the blue haze is also best seen during these months. The tint comes from light refraction through the minute dust particles the area generates, and when mixed with fine droplets of water, it gives off a distinct blue haze – hence the Blue Mountains. Continue reading →

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5 Checks Before Your Road Trip!

In collaboration with Kwik Fit

I’m counting down to half-term, every half-term we try to take a road trip. In previous years, we have headed to Belgium, France, Norfolk, Devon…yes we love a good road trip! But it’s really important when heading out in your car to check that you’re going to have a safe journey. I know there are some breakdowns which are unavoidable, but doing basic maintenance checks will make sure you don’t get delayed for a silly reason!

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Quality Time With Family

With four children, weekends are hectic. Sports clubs, parties and homework. Then there’s the mountain of washing, ironing and the weekly shop to contend with! The weekly shop takes longer than it should, and as I take the children with me I spend a bit more than I should. There’s also dealing with tantrums from my 4 year old… I get home needing a large cup of tea!

Finding time to sit down as a family and talk without distractions at the weekend is increasingly difficult. As the children get older, they get busier, the washing mountain grows and so does my shopping list!  It all puts strain on our family time at the weekend. Toby Carvery got in touch to ask if they could help take the strain off us this weekend. They offered to take on one of our jobs while we sat down to a roast dinner at Toby Carvery instead.  Continue reading →

3 Tips for the morning school run!

The school run is not my favourite time of day. Getting everyone ready, with all their stuff safely to school on time feels like a military operation. Then add in the negotiations required to get the children to sit nicely and not argue in the car, my diplomacy skills are exceptional! But, it can be exhausting!

I thought I’d share my 3 Top tips for the morning school run – Or 4 tips if you include always start the day with a good cup of coffee!

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The Second Run.. Couch to 5k

I’m not going to lie, I used every possible tactic to put the thought of my second run of the week out of my mind. Yes, couch to 5k, I would have rather stayed on the couch! When run day arrived (I had planned it into my diary so I couldn’t “forget”) I focused on the “I can”. Remembering the first run – the struggles, I also reminded myself I had been recovering from a horrible cold and cough. This time the run would be better, and if not better, well, showed persistence? Continue reading →

The one where I start running..

I have put off starting the couch to 5k. I am really not a runner and the thought of it has just made me want to weep. Then, there’s the very real problem that I’ve had the most horrible cough for the last 3 weeks. I didn’t think that running with a cough would be the best idea! This morning I woke up early, and the sun was shining. My trainers were sat there looking sad. It seemed ludicrous that I had all the kit, but was still putting off getting going.

Nike Running Trainers

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Jobs to do around your house before Winter.

I’ve already talked a lot about how we are working on our garden this Autumn. But as the days are getting shorter, It’s also time to work on those household jobs! Some of them I do without thinking, for exampling cleaning the windows – it’s just part of my weekly routine. Others take a little more thought, but they really make a difference once winter sets in. Continue reading →

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