Strepelle – Home Strep B Test

It’s estimated that around one in four pregnant women in the UK carry GBS in their digestive system or vagina. Although GBS can be passed through sexual contact it is not a sexually transmitted disease.

Group Strep B is a naturally occurring bacterium, which can pass to baby during labour and lead to serious complications. GBS is not often something which is harmful for the mother. Most people don’t even realise they are carrying the bacteria, yet according to statistics 25% of pregnant women carry GBS.

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Gifts for Pokemon Fans

Like many other children (and grown ups too..!) my sons have added Pokémon games to their Christmas lists! One son asking for the new Ultra Moon game for his 2DS. The other has asked for the limited edition Pokéball 2DS XL – with a game too.. So I feel we are having quite a tech Christmas! But what should I buy them if I don’t want to choose things directly for their consoles? I’m sharing my favourite gifts for ultimate Pokémon fans this Christmas!

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If I had a Mum Den..

A house full of young children, sometimes feels like it is a constant clutter battle. I dream of a clutter free, calming space where there is no LEGO to step on! While I adore my children, and know all too well that the LEGO stage will soon be something I look back on and wish it would return. I also would love just a teeny tiny space where toys are banned.

The Mum Den.

One day, I will create the Mum Den. Until I can literally create the Mum Den, I will just live through the planning in this blog post! So, I’ll start with the perfect log cabin, it’ll fit nicely in the corner of the garden.


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Cosy up your living room for Winter..

Heavy frosts and sunny mornings, Winter has to be chilly! But I do love the glorious crunch of a hard frost, and the way the sun glistens on frozen hedges!

Frost on plant

Unfortunately, I am one of those “always cold” people! Every year I work on how to making our living space cosy and welcoming. So I can arrive home, and get cosy!

With the start of the festive season literally days away, I have unashamedly included festive touches! Remember that the festive touches can easily be removed in January, while keeping the warm cosy feel. Continue reading →

Kids Songs CD – Review & Giveaway

With Christmas just around the corner there will be may families making long car journeys to visit friends or family. Long car journeys with small children can be stressful – especially in traffic! My 3 year old daughter loves to listen to her songs in the car. It’s an activity which isn’t quite so popular with her older brothers! But, it does make the journey easier if she’s happily singing! We were sent the Kids Songs CD to listen to, 3 CD’s of favourite songs! Most are easily recognisable from CBeebies.

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Appy Drinks – Healthier Fruit Drinks for Kids

Young children often want to have their favourite cartoon characters on drinks or snacks. Lunch boxes in particularly I have noticed the my youngest two children will request a certain drink for this reason!

Appy Kids Drinks, feature favourite cartoon characters, in a variety of favourite flavours! We tried out a selection of Appy Kids Drinks pouches, featuring Ninja Turtles, Dora the Explorer, and Paw Patrol! The drinks range are described as;

“Delicious low calorie juices with added vitamins packed in convenient pouches for easy drinking on-the-go, featuring your little ones’ favourite characters.”


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