Paddle boarding?

Stand up Paddle boarding is becoming such a popular way to take to the water. I have read so much about it, but worried that perhaps I wasn’t fit enough to give it a go. Finally, I worked up the courage to try it. (Admittedly, mostly thanks to a friend who said “ahh let’s just do it!”) We found a local Paddle Boarding venue, and booked a slot.

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A reason to declutter..

I am in the process of trying to de-clutter the house. When we moved home, I was horrified at how much “stuff” we had, and made a determined effort to declutter. I have to admit that the clutter has got worse over the last 12 months. Pregnancy makes me a hoarder, and having had a baby 7 months ago, I guess this explains why I just have not had the enthusiasm to work on the clutter until recently! Continue reading →

Last Day to Vote for the BIC Young Artist Award 2018

The BIC® KIDS 2018 Young Artist Award attracted hundreds of entries from children aged 5-11 from all over the UK and Ireland. A reminder that pen and paper really are a great and popular way to keep children busy! The competition is now closed, but you can vote for your favourite work of art. Voting closes TODAY – Sunday 9th September 2018 so vote for your favourite now!

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Creating the perfect room.

Every year with the seasons changing from Summer to Autumn, my thoughts turn to my home decor. Perhaps it is a natural time to think about home styling as I know I will be spending more hours indoors? This year I am determined to restyle the bedrooms, turning them from just cosy to stylish yet comfortable places to relax. Continue reading →

Which Insurance?

Do you have insurance? Most adults have some form, whether it is for their car or mobile phone. Insurance is one of those things we have and hope we never have to use. It’s something sometimes we find annoying to be paying for, but then it’s also nice knowing it’s there. I always worry about what would happen if something happened to me, how would my family manage? But what if one of the children got ill? How would it work then?  Continue reading →

Ways to manage when you get an unexpected bill.

As many families know, there are times when money can be tight. For us September is an expensive month, back to school and all the expenses which go with it. I budget carefully, allowing for school shoes, bags and all the other bits and pieces which go along with back to school. But sometimes, I stretch us a little bit too much. Then, we end up with a bill I wasn’t expecting – the car needs repairing or the boiler breaks down. So, how do we cope when we get an unexpected bill?


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