Organix Stage 1 Purees – First tastes of Protein!

There is an awkward stage of weaning, baby is not quite ready for moving to more lumpy textures, but the bland stage 1 purees for sale in pouches just aren’t quite enough to keep those taste buds interested. Organix have come up with first taste pouches, to introduce babies to their first tastes of protein while still in the smooth texture of a stage 1 puree.

Elvis has been a bit of a monkey at meal times recently, and been incredibly fussy! I was a bit worried that introducing new flavours might make the situation worse, so I waited a while – this was perhaps a mistake as when I did try the first pouch ‘Sweetcorn Chicken & Broccoli’ Elvis couldn’t wait to tuck in!

He clearly was ready for more adventurous flavours!

The textures of these pouches are really smooth, no worries about them being too chunky! The flavours are still quite simple, and as with all Organix baby products, they do not contain any added salt or additives. The vegetables are organic, and the chicken is free range! With a bit of seasoning I feel i could eat them myself – surely that is great baby food?

Parsnip, Chicken and Leeks was less popular with Elvis, I think he found the leek a bit too strong for his still developing taste, it ended up decorating the room rather than in his tummy! We shall persist with this flavour, even though he is moving onto stage 2 foods, i still find he needs a smoother puree at bed time to give him a good nights sleep!

Pumpkin, Cheddar and Lentils, this is a recipe which I wouldn’t think to make for Elvis, but he really enjoyed it! I did make the mistake of feeding him without a bib, and the natural colouring from the pumpkin left some interesting stains on his t-shirt! So it is worth remembering that if you are out and about – remember a bib!!

I think these are great for encouraging baby to experiment with new flavours, even before they can chew! Still in the handy pouches so ideal for days out, I’m keeping one in the change bag for when we’re out and about or if I’m in a hurry at home!

These and other Organix Products are available from all good supermarkets or online at the Organix Shop

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