WIN New Tommee Tippee Cups – Thrills not Spills!

When you’re going on an adventure, it’s important to stay hydrated. Any parent of a small child will know that once children start using a sippy cup, there is always a fear of spills! OK, so it may just be water, but when you have to change clothes repeatedly as they’ve managed to tip the cup upside down and it leaked all over them..(for the third time!) it’s just a little frustrating! Tommee Tippee have introduced a new range of cups for children aged 4months to 3 years, aimed at each major stage of development and guess what, they’re no spill! They’re clever as the parts of each cup are interchangable, so there’s no need to throw the cup away once you move onto the next stage, you can keep it and use parts from one of the other bottles – perfect if the cup has your childs favourite design on it! All the cups are BPA free, and dishwasher safe too!

Let me tell you quickly all about the cups! Weaning – First steps with a non-spill valve, soft spout which is gentle on sore gums, and easy to grip handles!

tommee tippee sippee cup 4M - weaning (product)They also do a 6months+ cup with a straw, as some children find these easier to use than the sippy cups (as no tipping is required!).

tommee tippee straw cup 6M - weaning (lifestyle)

Then there are the 7month+ cups, which aim to help children learn to grip a normal cup, these are slightly larger so ideal to help a baby newly on the move stay hydrated! tommee tippee sippee cup 7M - weaning (product)The 12months+ cups are really cool, some can be chilled to keep cold drinks really cold – ideal for hot summers days! These don’t have handles, and come with a selection of tops – including the straw lid which my two boys used to love when they were toddlers! tommee tippee insultated straw cup 12M - active (product)

There are lots of designs to choose from, and I really like the fact that there are more colours to choose from than just “pink” or “blue”, check out the entire selection at Tommee Tippee and follow the story via #TTBigAdventure. Want to win a selection of cups? Read on!

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  1. Victoria Wale says:

    My litle one would like the pink with the bunny (4m+), though she’ll soon be ready for the pink with the flowers (6m+) ! Thank you for the giveaway x

  2. leigh boyle says:

    my little boy would probs love the pink one hes always wanting his sisters pink cups haha but 12+ in blue xx

  3. Sarah Franks says:

    The 12mths+ cup in pink would be amazing for my two nieces – my mum has just agreed to be their long-term guardian as their parents can’t care for them, so we’ve been really busy getting them settled and kitted out with everything they need, so this would be really valued by us and the girls.

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