Lose weight in 6 weeks?

Battle of the baby bulge is not something I have written about for a little while, mostly as I lost enough weight to rebuild my confidence a little, and that was enough at the time.


Image taken at Britmums Live 2015.

Then, a photograph taken by my son as I lounged on the sofa, captured the truth, while I had lost weight, I was far away from where I want to be. I’m not going to share that photo with you just yet, as I’m not feeling brave enough! I’m proud that I have not gained any weight, but frustrated that while I could have been almost at my goal, I stopped – gave up – half way.

I am a great believer in losing weight slowly and steadily, and I suppose the very fact there are has been no gain should prove something, but not enough. So, I’m back on my journey, and I have a 6 week countdown. I’m trying out Thinking Slimmer, which is also hoping to help me tackle my terrible addiction to all things sugary, put cake in front of me and I struggle to not eat it.. especially if I am stressed or over tired. I don’t necessarily enjoy every bite, and I’m not sure I’d say they are my favourite foods, they’re just the ones I battle with.

So, I’ve weighed myself today and recorded my weight. I’m going to follow a healthy diet over the week, listen to the slimpod each night as well as keep up my exercise up, and I’ll update you next week properly!




  1. Kate on thin ice says:

    Well done on blogging already about your Thinking Slimmer journey. I have only just started the sugar habit-breaker pod so am on this journey with you. Having said that, I found even the Slimpod itself cut my sugar intake radically so all the best and it can be done.

  2. Kayleigh says:

    A great post here! I do exactly the same each time I catch images of myself I am not 100% happy with what I see and I want to be able to promote a positive body image and happiness so my daughter grows up feeling the same and happy with how she looks…great post and good luck on your journey!

    • Vi says:

      YES! I think I feel more inclined to nip my food issues in the bud since having my daughter as I don’t want her to develop the same struggles, I want her to enjoy food without over indulging.

  3. Sammy at Seize each day says:

    I think you look fab in that picture but I know myself it’s how you feel in yourself and so well done for you for re-commencing your journey using Thinking Slimmer.
    Look forward to sharing the journey with you lovely. Sammy xxx

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