How to care for sore feet..

In my years pre-children I would always wear heels on a night out, and relished wearing them to work too, though hated that achey feeling my feet would have by the end of the day. Being tall, people always ask why I’d bother to wear heels, and the honest answer was and still is, I love them! Learning to look after your feet can really help you survive in high heels! I was sent some footcare products from Premier Healthcare & Hygeine to help me give my feet some TLC.


I used to use a rolling pin (it’s ok, I never used it to roll anything other than the soles of my feet!)to relieve aches in my feet, but a pedi-roller is so much better for lots of reasons! For starters it’s light and and small to store, it also enables you to do a variety of other foot exercises to strengthen your arches and relieve aches and pains. It’s so simple to use while you’re watching tv or reading in the evening or even while you sit putting your make up on in the morning!

Foot soak, this is my ultimate TLC I actually just soak my feet in a bowl of warm water, sometimes followed by a foot scrub – though not frequently as I don’t like the sensation!

Dry skin, a problem I personally fight all year – especially on my heels! Slather some rich foot cream on before bed, slap on a pair of cotton socks and slide into bed. Waking up to soft feet, perfect for sandals (once it’s warm enough to wear sandals that is!).

The metatarsal pads are perfect if you struggle with aching in the ball of your foot while wearning heels, it looks a bit odd but is comfortable to wear and stays in place with the toe loop (unlike some others I have tried!). These I’m keeping for the night out I have planned with some old uni friends next month

So, how do you look after your feet? Do you have a trick to keeping your feet comfy in high heels?? Let me know!


Disclaimer: I was sent the selection of products for the purposes of this post.

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