Fitness update – Warning I complain a lot in this post.

My journey to getting fit in this year is under way, while I’m still only in the very first steps of what promises to be a marathon journey, exercise has already become something I look forward to rather than dread. Unfortunately, no thanks to the PT I’ve been assigned at my gym though.

I suppose I’m lucky that I can still just about remember being very physically fit, and after my horror at how unfit I have become, I am moving forward and starting to push myself again. I had my session with the PT at the gym, it was the same guy who’d done my induction, and who’d filled me with enthusiasm, but sadly he less than impressed me this time. The gym was filled with pretty young girls, and bluntly he set up my training key in 2 minutes, putting 15mins of this and that on it and telling me to get on with it. There was no warm up programmed or suggested, no stretches advised, and he disappeared off to talk to the young girls bobbing around wildly on the stepper. Half way through my programme, I realised that my chest was hurting to the point where my head was starting to spin, so I adjusted the settings meaning I was still out of breathe but not actually verging on collapse. As I left the gym heading to the changing rooms (and he still stood chatting to the girls on the steppers) another lady spoke to me and said “he’s utterly useless if there’s a young pretty face in here”. After my initial huff that I was no longer a ‘young pretty face’ I left feeling slightly cheated. 

The annoying part..this gym sold itself to me on the basis of great 1 to 1 sessions tailored to the individual, and in truth, the programme he created was not tailored to me at all. I confess I’m hugely unfit, and that I will need to push myself to get some results but seriously? No warm up?! No stretches?! No advice on when to stop?! And this was considered a one to one, one hour training session..? It would be a bit like letting a learn driver go out on their own before they really knew the highway code! However, I’m OK! No harm was done, I’m using the key as a guide, and pushing myself to my personal limit and not trying to achieve what is on the key, at the end of the day if I want to achieve I know I’m on my own in the long term. I’m still going bright red in the face, and feeling my legs and arms aching, but without feel physically unwell. I’m looking forward to going tonight, ok so I’ll leave with a bright red face and my muscles aching, but it will all be worth it in the end!

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