Fireman Sam – Sam’s Birthday DVD #Competition

A family favourite is back with a NEW DVD on 3rd April! Fireman Sam – Sam’s Birthday will be released by Abbey Home Media on Monday 3rd April! With an exciting collection of adventures and rescues in Pontypandy!

Fireman Sam's Birthday DVD
In his new DVD, it’s Fireman Sam’s Birthday and Charlie has asked Joe to make him a remote control model of Jupiter as a surprise! Station Officer Steele has told Sam to relax as it’s his birthday! However, will the birthday party go ahead as planned for everyone’s hero next door?


Abbey Home Media have kindly agreed to give a copy of the NEW Fireman Sam DVD to one lucky reader, all you have to do is complete the steps on rafflecopter below. The competition will end on 04/04/17 and a winner will be chosen at random, all terms and conditions are on the rafflecopter widget!

Good luck!


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Episodes: Sam’s Birthday Party; Pontypandy in the Park, Paddle On, The Great Party Panic and Pizza Pandemonium.

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  1. Sam Rhodes says:

    My son loves fireman Sam! I think hes quite intrigued by naughty Norman Price and how he gets away with so much! And Sam is his hero! x

  2. Jo Carroll says:

    Sam’s not just ‘the hero next door’ to my little fella…he really loves him and watches the cartoons continuously. I just hope he doesn’t follow Norman’s lead into getting into trouble.

  3. laura banks says:

    my godson loves fire engines so loves him but funnily enough so did my mum she was very chuffed when i bought her a mug years ago

  4. Lisa Wilkinson says:

    My little girl loves Fireman Sam and how he always comes to save the day especially when naughty Norman gets up to mischief

  5. Meg Gaskell says:

    Loving singing the theme tune and enjoying all of the stories. Great competition, thanks for the chance to win such a fabulous prize.

  6. Lynne OConnor says:

    My son loves guessing what will happen eg fire or non-fire (or telling me if he’s seen it) and loves all the different vehicles

  7. Rachel Craig says:

    Sam is a name which has been used a lot within our family, so known and loved by the children as well as the adults. Also firemen are seen as heroes. The children love to watch Fireman Sam. Fireman Sam, Sam’s Birthday is sure to be popular and viewed frequently by them if won.

  8. Jamie C Millard says:

    they love the excitement of the stories – the drama of what’s going on but the fact there’s always a happy ending

  9. Jo Hutchings says:

    My little boy loves Fireman Sam because his dad’s a firefighter so he thinks he’s watching daddy and his friends at work!

  10. Lisa B says:

    It’s a real family treat to snuggle down and watch Fireman Sam on a wet afternoon. It keeps the kids’ attention and they love the happy endings

  11. Tracy Newton says:

    My son loves Fireman Sam. He wants to be a fireman when he grows up. He has asked on several occasions if we will swap the family car for a fire engine

  12. pauline black says:

    Jayden loves the fire engines!! he had the opportunity to sit in one at a local gala and that was it! obsessed!!

  13. Becki Gates says:

    My son has been mad on fireman Sam since we had firemen come out to do a house fire safety check last year, he thought they were amazing and got to sit in the engine. One of the firemen was called Sam so now he thinks the cartoon is about the man he met lol

  14. Kate Davies says:

    My son loves anything to do with the emergency services and pretends to fight the fires along with Sam. His grandma is a paramedic so he gets to indulge in his love of sirens:)

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