Eco Force and Dishmatic Review!

I was contacted at the end of last year by the lovely people at Eco Force and Dishmatic, to see if I would be interested in trying out their products and offering a great competition to my readers! 

I like to do my bit to protect the environment and in particular we make sure we recycle as much as we can, the boys are already experts at sorting what can be recycled! So, I was very excited to try out some cleaning products made from recycled products! It has been a great way to explain to Boo more about the importance of recycling as he can see what something might be turned into when it is recycled!

So, importantly you want to know how good the EcoForce equipment is at cleaning? The kitchen scourers are fabulous, they really do make light work of cleaning greasy pans! The multi-purpose clothes are strong and absorbent, we have already stocked up on these as they’re a new favourite! The pegs and peg basket are strong and cleverly designed so the peg basket will hang off the line easily! Hanging your washing outside on a line is both environmentally and economically friendly too, why pay to dry your clothes when they dry on a line outside for free! We already hang our washing out on the line, but have to confess our line was recycled from an old length of electrical wire, so we were delighted with our new one from EcoForce!

Without doubt, our favourite item is the Dishmatic, fill it with your usual washing up liquid and it makes light work of the washing up! The scourer head can be replaced, which makes it more environmentally friendly and we have found we use less washing up liquid to get the same gleaming results we did before!

EcoForce are available from a variety of retailers including Oxfam, Asda, Waitrose, B&Q for a full list of retailers see here.


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