The easy way to Clean your Kitchen – e-cloth

Can you clean your kitchen quickly and easily without using harsh chemicals? Yes you can. There’s no messy making home-made cleaning products, it’s just a question of grabbing an E-Cloth and some water. Yes, really!

e-cloth green cleaning products


I’ve been a fan of e-cloth for several years. They’re so easy to use, and they eliminate the need for using chemical cleaning products. It’s better on my pocket, as I don’t have to buy lots of cleaning products. The reduction of my usage of chemical cleaning products is also better for our environment too. My husband used to be hugely sceptical, he has always preferred to buy a big brand name of cleaning product, and use it liberally while cleaning.

The Window cleaning pack was the e-cloth product which made my husband change his views. He was impressed with how well the wet cloth removed the dirt on windows, and the dry cloth polished the windows leaving them smear free. The windows were suddenly super shiney, I’m not sure we’d ever seen them so clean! He could clearly see the results, and this meant he was happy to try other e-cloth products too! Each product has a tag which labels it clearly, to help you avoid mixing the cloths up by accident.

Kitchen Cleaning

I think that the kitchen surface cloth, is brilliant. I love the addition of a small triangle of scouring material which helps remove any tough marks on the work tops. Surfaces are left looking fresh and clean, with just an e-cloth and some water. Each e-cloth can be washed and re-used up to 300 times, making them quite cost-effective too.

Anyone with any stainless steel in their kitchen will know that keeping it looking clean and shiny with small children in the home is a challenge! I found that the stainless steel cloth wipes away greasy finger prints with ease – and just with the addition of water!

I really like the ease of e-cloth, they’re easy to use, easy to store and work very well. If the children want to help with the cleaning I can hand them a cloth, knowing there are no chemical products which may irritate their skin, it’s just water on a very clever e-cloth!


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  1. Tracy Nixon says:

    Clean the outside of your windows on a cloudy day to ensure the sun won’t dry the cleaner before you’re done wiping!

  2. Solange says:

    Dust all your forgotten places like your lamp shades and drapes. Put your dryer to work and toss drapes, curtains, and even throw pillows in the dryer for 15 minutes on the “air-only” cycle, then rehang immediately to prevent wrinkles.

  3. Fiona says:

    I probably need tips rather than am in a position to give them out! But I do find that vinegar is the best for cleaning windows.

  4. Zoe C says:

    I am ruthless, declutter regularly which makes spring cleaning easier, on a nice day I will take the curtains down, do all the windows, get the rugs outside, so glad when the weather is warmer to get all these big jobs done

  5. Ann-Marie Gould says:

    i’m not the best person to give cleaning tips but would suggest that if you want a really good spring clean then get the family out of the house, its surprising how something your child hasn’t played with for over a year will suddenly become his most precious possession when you want to give it away/ throw it out!

  6. Helen Tovell says:

    Start by giving yourself small tasks and then gradually increase to the larger tasks as you feel rewarded for completing the smaller tasks and it inspires you to tackle the large ones.

  7. Lorraine Stone says:

    Rope in some helpers, give everyone a job. Make sure you have tea and biscuits to help the workers keep motivated.

  8. Caroline H says:

    Start with a good declutter and donate/sell. Then, if you have time, tackle it room by room, removing absolutely everything except for essential furniture, clean the room then reintroduce everything after giving it a clean. If you’re prone to “too much stuff”, like me, at this stage you’ll end up looking at things and getting rid of a whole lot more!

  9. Louise A says:

    when getting ready to do your cleaning/DIY make sure you have everything you need for a particular job..e.g. nothing worse than realising you have no white spirit at the end of a painting job!

  10. Alica says:

    I start at the top of the house and work down, ending in the kitchen with tons of pots from the ‘kids’ rooms! 🙂

  11. Priscilla Stubbs says:

    do one room at a time and when you feel you have had enough stop, You can return to it fresh on another occasion

  12. Jodie Cook says:

    I try to tackle smaller jobs at a time, because the prospect of Spring cleaning everything can seem a bit daughting! I too love e-cloths and have been using them for years – first the window ones (we got double glazing and the installers recommended them), then the bathroom ones and some general purpose, but I don’t have any kitchen ones yet.

  13. Fiona K says:

    I do 15 minutes of cleaning before going to work each day, when I have the most energy, so that I can enjoy evenings for relaxation

  14. Jade Hewlett says:

    Try to keep up with cleaning all year round and then do a room at a time so it doesn’t take so long

  15. Emma Nixon says:

    Target one room and just go for it, empty cupboards, tidy up, declutter. Time passes quickly especially when you have some good lively music playing

  16. Alison Johnson says:

    Share it out! Hubby always does the kitchen, My son has to do the bathroom & I do the living room. Bedrooms are done by the person occupying them!

  17. Faye Reed says:

    Have a clear out, get rid of anything you haven’t used in over a year. Once the house it clutter free it will be easier to clean.

  18. Patricia Avery says:

    A room at a time, declutter then wash curtains and other soft furnishings so they are ready to put back once the room has been deep cleaned. I always do the worst rooms first, in my case the kitchen and bathroom 🙂

  19. Andrew Hindley says:

    When your spring cleaning play your favourite music chores are not a bore when your happy 🙂

  20. ellie spider says:

    I actually do a big clean every weekend – it usually takes me half a day but I do all the bits I dont do during the week (mainly dusting, wiping over windowsills etc in the bedrooms/living room) I hoover or sweep every day due to the animals and clean the toilet/shower and kitchen everyday as I go along. Keeping on top of the cleaning means I dont really need to do a spring clean. So for me the spring clean is more about washing – curtains come down, washable rugs, throws, shower curtains, cat and dog bedding – all gets washed and hung out to dry. Rugs that dont fit in the washing machine get cleaned with the pressure washer and left out on the driveway in the sun to dry.

  21. rosie says:

    I’m just trying to do things as and when the mood takes me. But my biggest tactic right now is to be determined to finish a job once it’s started!

  22. Cathy Overgage says:

    Take a picture of before and after each room/cupboard etc. will give you motivation to keep going.

  23. Victoria Buchanan says:

    I probably need tips rather than giving any! I guess music on helps. Not having pets would make my flat much much cleaner!!

  24. Katherine Elliott says:

    Don’t try and do it all in one day! put your vertical blinds in a pillowcase on a gentle wash before drying.

  25. DENISE WILDEN says:

    Do what you can in the time you have available even cleaning out a draw helps to cut down the clutter.

  26. Ian Campbell says:

    Do little bits as often as you can. The mountain quickly becomes a molehill, and then complete. Result!

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