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Marwell Christmas – Magical!

Marwell Christmas can only be described as a truly magical family event. I have often wondered about taking the children to visit Santa at Marwell, but never quite got organised enough. So getting the opportunity to visit this year, we couldn’t wait!

Our Marwell Christmas slot was booked for 3.30pm, we arrived at the zoo for 1pm to give us time to see the animals first. My daughter adores the giraffes, and we spent quite a long time in the giraffe house – they are such incredible creatures to watch.¬†The penguins helped get us in the festive mood, they’re so funny to watch.

Marwell Penguin Enclosure

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CarFest South 2016

My favourite gig.. well, Festival! Carfest! These days, it’s not often that I get to rock out with my best friend, sipping drinks in the VIP area and dancing along to our favourite bands..but that’s exactly what happened at Carfest South this year.¬†CarFest raises money for Children in Need, and combines fabulous car displays with marvellous music. It sells itself as a family festival, I can honestly say that we found it incredibly friendly, and there was lots to do!

CarFest VIP bands


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Marwell’s Zany Zebras!

If you’ve visited Southampton over the Summer of 2016, you’ll have struggled to miss the many zebras hiding around the town. The Zany Zebras are an art extravaganza raising money to support Marwell’s wildlife conservation projects. Each of the Zebras has been decorated in an individual way, they really are fabulous pieces of art! There are 150 Zebra sculptures in Southampton, 47 large, 103 small and 27 miniature replicas of the large sculptures. Continue reading Marwell’s Zany Zebras!