Aquabeads – Minions Set Review & Giveaway!

I’ve written a few reviews of Aquabeads, and I have to admit I really like them. They’re popular with our family because they don’t make any mess! They encourage fine motor skills, and usually the children sit quietly while they make them – most of the time anyway!


E is 6, and was delighted to get the chance to review the Minion Aquabead Set. He carefully shared the beads out into the container, and filled the water bottle. Then chose which character to create first!

The Aquabeads take 10 minutes to set, and then they’re ready to peel off – using the bead peeler (or scraper as we call it!) which is included in the set.

What to do with the completed Aquabeads

We have started to use Aquabeads to help us create extra special Birthday cards for friends. We simply attach the finished creation with double sided tape to a blank greetings card – often one we have folded from a piece of card! I think an easy to make and unique Birthday card is always popular – especially when it features a favourite character.


Aquabeads are suitable for children aged 4+. The beads are flavoured very bitter so there is no temptation for younger children to put them in their mouths! Aquabeads come in a variety of designs to make, including Disney Princesses, StarWars and Finding Dory to mention a few. You can also buy refill packs of beads, so the fun doesn’t have to end when the beads run out!

Win Your Own Set!

With Christmas on the way, I think that Aquabeads would make a lovely gift. Just imagine a quiet half hour while the children are all busy making creative projects – and no mess! So, we have a Minion Play Set to give away to one lucky reader who wins this competition!

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  1. Tracy Nixon says:

    I would love to win this set for my two girls who both love arts and crafts (they take after me!) and they love Minions too!

  2. Jo says:

    For both my kids, my youngest is obsessed with Minions and my oldest loves aqua beads, he’s had the normal set but starting to run out of beads now and as he says the templates are a bit girly for him. He would love this so fingers crossed

  3. Adrienne McGroder says:

    For my 7 year old son. He loves drawing, arts and crafts and Hama beads, so would love aqua beads I’m sure! xx

  4. Rachel says:

    I’d like to win this for my son. My daughter recently got a set of Aquabeads for her birthday and my son loves them (possibly more than her!) so would love some of his own!

  5. Kelly Cooper says:

    I would like to win for my son because he loves minions and also had dyspraxia mild and this would help him with his co-ordination

  6. Sarah Pearce says:

    my daughters loves the aquabeads because she can do them my herself,as with the hamabeads she has to be supervised with the iron.Plus an addedd bonus she loves despicable me and the minions!!! x

  7. Michelle Jones says:

    My beautiful niece. She loves everything minions and likes to craft with me when I look after her. This would keep my glue safe 😀

  8. amy bondoc says:

    i know i should be saying kids but id actually love othis for my aunt, she has a huge collection on minion bits and bobs this would be a lovely addition x

  9. claire glace says:

    My lovely neice, she is so good at being creative and she would love this, we could do it together when she comes to stay….

  10. Sadiyya Maryam says:

    I would love to win this for my daughter as she not only loves aquabeads really helps her have some quiet time (and me) and she finds it calming and she absolutely adores the Minnions!

  11. Kate Davies says:

    I’d love to win for my 5 year old son who loves crafting and minions, so this would be perfect. I love that you can buy refill packs so the fun doesn’t stop.

  12. Lynsey Buchanan says:

    I would like to win for my daughter. In the past she has spent hours designing with aqua beads now winter is here she will need new arts & crafts things to do

  13. lesley renshaw says:

    I’ve give it to my daughter as either a Christmas or Birthday present (both just around the corner) as she loves crafting x

  14. fiona waterworth says:

    I would give it to my grandaughter who is very artistic and she could make something nice for my minnion mad husband

  15. Fiona Johnstone says:

    My grandchild is a huge Minion fan. She would love this. I like to give presents that encourage creativity and are fun.

  16. Kimberley Ryan says:

    would love to win for my son Jak, he goes absolutely bananas over anything Minions and this would be perfect in encouraging his fine motor skill use. Would also be nice if he sat down for more than 2 minutes 🙂

  17. vicki gorton says:

    I would love to win this for my little boy Reece, because hes my little minion and would spend hours making his very own minions with this 🙂 xxx

  18. Sarah KNIGHTLEY says:

    I would love to win this for my son and daughter to share as they both love Minions and also like doing art activities xx

  19. Lauren Stebbings says:

    I’d like to win this for my son because he loves art and craft but struggles to find kits that aren’t pink and glittery and aimed at girls. This is a nice generic kit 🙂

  20. Emma Middleton says:

    I would give this to my niece, she is totally obsessed with minions and when she come to stay over we have to watch the movie at bedrime and breakfast time

  21. Charlotte Hoskins says:

    I’d love to win this for my daughter as she loves concentrating to make Aquabeads shapes, she is also a Minions fan!

  22. Laura Lee says:

    All 3 of my boys love activities like these and we spend many hours on sundays making lots of different things and this would be amazing for us to do together 🙂

  23. becci cleary says:

    My Daughter Hallie-Anne, she is Minion MAD – she has the same Minion Onesie that she wears every night for bed – she won’t wear any other….It ends up in the wash every single day…..reckon another few weeks and it will be falling apart

  24. Jodie W says:

    I would like to win this for my friends minion mad son. She doesnt have a lot of money spare for christmas, so it would be a nice surprise gift.

  25. Lia Burns says:

    I’d like to win this for my son, Lewis simply because he is obsessed with minions. This would really help with his fine motor skills x

  26. Marie Evans says:

    My granddaughter loves the Minions & is interested now in doing things ,And feel she is old enough now not to be in danger of putting the little pieces in her mouth

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