Family Autumn Walks – Our Perfect Sunday

Sunday’s have resorted back to some form of normality for us, they’re all about getting out and about in the great outdoors. This weekend we set out for a family adventure in the great outdoors, our first proper one since baby Yo arrived. E was incredibly excited as he pulled on his wellington boots and announced that he was ready for puddles – being 3 really is all about the simple pleasures! Continue reading →

Breastfeeding.. First weeks..

Baby Yo is 7 weeks old (where has time flown?!) and I’m still breastfeeding her – hooray!  Breastfeeding is now comfortable, I’ll be honest it hurt for the first 4 weeks this time and I had at least 3 days of wanting to give it all up. Every threw suggestions at me for what was wrong, but there wasn’t anything wrong, it just..hurt. Pain, exhaustion and a hungry baby who is fussing around your nipples bringing tears to your eyes is enough to make you wonder what you are doing attempting to do this ludicrous breastfeeding thing. But sticking at it by crying to a friend that “my tits hurt” and eating my own body weight in chocolate has seen us come out of the unhappy, uncomfortable stage and I’m finally starting to enjoy being able to have cuddles with my baby daughter! Continue reading →

Baby car seat shade – SnoozeShade for Infant Carrier

I was sent a SnoozeShade for an infant car seat while I was still pregnant, I remember thinking it’d be fabulous to protect my tiny newborn from the heat of the summer. Then of course the weather quickly broke, the rain and wind began and it was rapidly Autumn. The snoozeshade became invaluable as soon as Autumn began, and here’s why!

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First weeks with a newborn and Snuzpod

While baby Yo is our third child, and we are gleefully referred to as “experienced parents” we still have to go through the same trial and error processes to discover what works for the new member of our family – and us to! We’ve still had the nights where nothing works to settle baby and the days when you suddenly discover she likes to look at lamp shades (she does, especially frilly ones!) to learn about how to bond well with our new baby!

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#Sharethememories Baby Blankets, donate to a great cause.

When I was a child I had a blanket which I could not fall asleep without, it went everywhere with me and I snuggled up to it each night. This was the same blanket my parents had loving me wrapped me in as a baby and settled me with each night. When I grew to old to carry it around, it stayed in my bed ready to comfort me after a tiring day, and when I got to old for that and the blanket had become very worn, I kept a small piece which I still have today. Continue reading →

Newborn Baby.. (the things you forget about having one..)

It starts when you first hold them in your arms, although this isn’t the first time you’ve held a newborn baby you suddenly realise you have no recollection of how to hold a newborn. They feel so delicate, so wobbly, it feels like holding an egg shell! Then, you realise you have forgotten how to dress a newborn, they don’t lie still like a doll as you try to dress them, they wriggle and their arms flay in all the wrong directions as you find yourself mentally begging them to let you get the baby gro on. Continue reading →

Reusable Nappies.. starting out..


As you may already know, I’m a Baba & Boo ambassador and got sent some fabulous nappies to try out. I’ve never used reusable nappies before, but for lots of reasons I decided to give them a go – you can read about my reasons here. Baba & Boo nappies aim to fit babies from 8/9lb to 35lb – or when you potty train! Baby Yo is quite skinny, so I have to admit we’ve had to wait before we could start using the nappies on her, but we started using them last week, and I thought we’d share how we got on.

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Vitamin D for Children

I had a long chat with the Health Visitor before baby Yo arrived all about vitamin D and the need to ensure children are getting enough of it. Vitamin D is something which I always assumed the children would get enough of as they’re outside playing in the garden quite a lot, but I’m not sure if they do get enough exposure as I tend to encourage them to play in the shade etc. Continue reading →