We’re going on a BUG hunt!

Living in the countryside, we see a lot of wildlife and bugs, but we rarely actually stop to look closely at the bugs! I realised that B has somehow made it to age 8, without ever having done a bug hunt, so it was top of our list of free summer holiday activities this year! According to stats collected by Anthisan Bite & Sting Cream, 39% of us in the UK have noticed an increase of “unusual bugs and insects not common to the UK” and 24% have been stung or bitten – ouch! So, learning the who’s who of bugs is quite important!  Continue reading →

Children’s Gifts from Wicked Uncle #Review

As a child, there was always a family relative who meant well by buying me a gift, but most of the time got it a bit wrong. You see, if you don’t have children, or do but they’re a different age or gender, it’s often hard to know what to buy as a gift. My children, have grown to accept that there’s one Auntie who always gets it wrong, last Christmas one was presented with a Thomas the Tank engine pencil, while the other received a spoon and some socks split from a multi pack to make the parcel look a bit bulkier (I guess they were practical..). So, when Wicked Uncle offered to leap to our rescue and show Auntie what she should be buying the children, we had to say yes!

Wicked Uncle

Here’s what Auntie had to say.. Continue reading →

Will changing my mobile phone deal save money..(maybe?)

Where we used to live, we were limited to just one mobile provider in order to get signal at home. It might sound silly, but I do like to be able to answer my mobile when I’m at home, and infact I don’t often give out our landline number! Being limited to a single mobile provider meant we didn’t have the ability to choose the “best deal” we just had to take what we could get. We ended up buying our handsets sim free, and going onto pay as you go as it saved us quite a large amount of money doing it that way! Continue reading →

Moving safely from a cot into a bed.

Making the move from cot to bed, can seem quite scary for both parent and child. For the child, it’s a new sleeping space, for the parent it’s the thought that your child can (and will) get up out of bed whenever they please. Our children have all been climbers, that’s to say when they’ve reached a certain age, they’ve used their long legs to climb (or attempt to climb) out of their cots, leaving us no option but to move them into a bed so they were safe. Thankfully, Yo attempted to climb, but never actually climbed out of her cot before we moved her into a big girls bed, but we knew it was time a couple of weeks ago when her foot was regularly appearing on the cot bar! Continue reading →

So, you want a dog?

Having a dog as a pet can be the perfect addition to the family, but taking on a dog is a big commitment that needs to be thought about carefully. You need to consider how much time you can dedicate to exercising your dog, some dogs will need lots of exercise each day (more than 7miles) while others will be happy with shorter walks. Consider whether you have a garden, how big it is, and whether it is safely enclosed – or can it be? Even quite big dogs can wriggle to squeeze through quite small gaps in fences if they decide too! Continue reading →

Should you build or buy your first home?

Most people dream of owning their own home at some point. Living in rented is OK, but sooner or later the lack of freedom to treat the place as your own will begin to grate. It will probably take quite a while to save up a deposit, but when the time comes and you have enough money to persuade a lender to finance your first home, is it better to buy an existing property, or build one from scratch?

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Battling the Mum Tum (again..)

So here I am again, talking about battling that Mum Tum!  I’m not going to lie, for the last 10 months, I’ve eaten whatever I wanted and done little to none exercise. The result, I’ve gained weight and I am constantly lacking energy. The lack of energy then makes me crave sugar, and I eat more to get a sugar rush followed by a sharp fall.. It’s not big and it’s not clever. I’ve been watching Kate over at WitWitWoo do so brilliantly, she’s been slowly and steadily changing her lifestyle, and looks fabulous as a result. Continue reading →

Mobility Bathrooms.

Having grown up with a sister who has multiple disabilities, I’ve always been aware that things which I might not even notice in day to day life, can be a nightmare to someone with a disability. The lack of a handrail on steps, the lack of a ramp, that very low step can all pose problems to a disabled person.  Continue reading →