Essential Holiday Fashion!

Packing for my summer holiday has always been a hand luggage only affair, I hate waiting to collect luggage, so always travel light! Yes, OK, sometimes to my peril..I’m thinking back to the year I was freezing cold for an entire holiday as the weather took a terrible turn for the cold..but.. hey..that was once!  So, here are my tips for packing light, with my summer holiday fashion essentials! Continue reading →

#WIN Crayola prizes to celebrate #CrayolaOnTour

Crayola are celebrating 100 years of colour with a bus tour! The Crayola themed double decker bus is filled with interactive play zones! Get hands on with Crayola past, present and future! The tour begins on 24th August 2016 from 10am – 4pm at Toys R Us, Southampton (opposite Southampton Central Rail station, and just a few minutes walk from West Quay Shopping centre). There will be plenty of fun for children of all ages – from toddlers to teens! Visitors to the bus will go away with Crayola goodies and they’ll be able to enter twitter competitions throughout the week using #CrayolaOnTour.

100 years of Crayola

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Renting after Brexit..

I’ve heard various stories post Brexit regarding the property market, housing prices freezing, dropping, people deciding not to sell, but what about rental properties? What’s happening with them? Now, I’m not a property expert, but I do have some experience of renting homes, so after some thought I’m sharing my opinions on the topic. If you want an expert perspective, there is a great ebook available from HomeLet about the rental market post Brexit with plenty of advice from property experts, available to download now. The ebook is aimed at Landlords, but makes for interesting reading for tenants too. Continue reading →

If I won the Lottery.. and a chance to WIN £75 Lottoland credit!

If I won the would life change? I would make day to day life more interesting.. I’d avoid the rush of the every day, and fly to the school gates in my own private helicopter. Would I learn to fly it? Certainly not, I’d expect my own private pilot to take care of all that! At the weekends I’d fly to the seaside, to spend long days on different sandy beaches. The summer I’d spend visiting UK beaches, then as the weather changed I’d jump on a plane and visit beaches further away, what a wonderful way to spend each day!

Beach brakers

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Best intentions, fail..

I wrote about my plans to join slimming world, it was all so positive, I was going to do it, finally get back to making healthy eating choices again.. But then things happened, life got complicated, and getting to group just wasn’t going to happen. I was stressed, I ate biscuits, I didn’t watch the portions, I lost my way. My best intentions forgotten, my diet fail.. But, all wasn’t lost, I decided to start using My Fitness Pal again instead.. Continue reading →

My 23 Month old..

I can’t quite believe that Yo is 23 months old, it feels me with delight and emotion too – where have the last 23 months gone?! August is Yo’s Birthday month, so I know that soon she will be 2 and that my little girl will no longer be a baby!

So many “baby” things have already gone, she no longer has a bottle, she can drink from a cup and use a fork and spoon to eat beautifully. The high chair has been outgrown, and she can tell us exactly what she wants (most of the time!). Continue reading →