After school play dates with Boostapak

Back to school, and like many rural families we are back to the school run mayhem by car. With my sons school several miles away we travel to and from school by car, he has a great car seat which I know keeps him safely secured, but what about when he wants to go on after school play dates? I have in the past found myself leaving a car seat in the school office much to their dismay, but now we have a Boostapak from Trunki which makes after school play dates easier for everyone! Continue reading →

Newborn baby, newborn Mum..

Baby Yo is 3 weeks old, the weeks have flown by in a daze of feeding, nappy changes, crying (hers and mine) and nipple cream (mine..all mine). Sleep is something of a distant memory, although baby Yo did lull me into a false sense of security by allowing me a 4 hours stretch over night a few days ago, only to return to hourly feeds the next night..! Yes, welcome to new being a new Mummy. Continue reading →

Breastfeeding Early Days – The essentials..


Perhaps I am unlucky, or perhaps I am a little more candid than others when I write about breastfeeding in the early days. My experience of the early days of breastfeeding is that it is tough. Forgetting that you are exhausted from having given birth, you are experiencing after birth pains and you may have stitches, breastfeeding brings with it a whole new bundle of problems. Continue reading →

Rockabilly Kids – Toothbrush fun!

Tooth brushing while an essential part of our daily morning and bedtime routine, is not always without problems! From the refusals to actually brush to the tears when the brushes fall on the floor.. I often feel as though I am replacing brushes on a weekly basis! Rockabilly Kids are brushes which are cleverly designed so they stand up all on their own, and try as you might to knock them over..they just bounce right back up! No more worrying about trying to find a toothbrush stand or children laying them down somewhere, they’re designed to be as hygienic as possible and look ¬†funky too!

Rockabilly Kids Toothbrushes!

Rockabilly Kids Toothbrushes!

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Calafant Pirate Ship Review and Giveaway – #AsobiAmbassador

We were lucky enough to be selected as an #AsobiAmbassador for August! We were asked which set from the fabulous Calafant range we’d like to review, and given the chance to give a set away too (read on for more info on that!). Calafant offer a range of 100% recyclable models which are fun and easy to build! They’re lightweight cardboard models which are strong enough to be played with!


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Why can’t you be nice?


This is a bit of a vent, and if you’re easily offended stop reading now. Seriously though, why can’t people be nice? Why do we live in a society where although publicly people condemn bullies (of all sorts) there are some who then think it is acceptable to do exactly that behind the guise of an anonymous account. This is surely the worst kind of bully?

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Tomorrow is my due date..


Tomorrow is my due date.. I am tired, I am huge, I am excited, I am torn between looking forward to baby arriving, and the fear surrounding the impending arrival. Babies don’t often arrive on their due date, so I am settled into the thought that we will be waiting a little while longer, I am determined to get all the boring little jobs done today, just in case.

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