Christmas Wish list! #DearSally

I may have mentioned before that I’m quite tall, just under 5ft 11, and I adore Long Tall Sally as I know the sleeves and body length of tops will be perfect, and this may sound daft but I rejoice that they have leg lengths which are actually too long for me – hooray for this novelty! Long Tall Sally asked me to let them know all about my favourite outfits for Christmas giving them 3 different looks, and letting them know what I’m hoping for on my Christmas gifts list too! So here we go! Continue reading →

Cloth Nappies, getting organised!

At the moment we’re only using our Baba & Boo nappies during the day, I was struggling to keep up with the mountain of washing our household creates and the lack of anywhere to dry it all in the winter months – roll on spring! I’ve found the hardest thing about cloth nappies has been just the simple step of getting organised, as if I’m not organised I get in a muddle and then end up turning to disposables for ease. So, I thought I’d write down my little list of how I organise our cloth nappy stash, nothing clever, just what works for me! Continue reading →

Winter Sun #countrykids

Although cold, Saturday was gloriously sunny, and we took the opportunity to get outdoors with the children to burn off some energy! We drove to Victoria Country park, it is on the edge of Southampton water and a great place to take children.  It was such a glorious day that you could easily mistake our photos for a summer holiday adventure, but read on and the hats and coats give the season away! Continue reading →

New Year – New Focus #Fitness

I have waited to write this post, as I know so many people decide to make huge lifestyle changes in the new year and are stumbling by the end of January. I have lots of small changes I’d like to make to my life, I’d like to lose weight, get fit again, lose my mum tum, smile more, worry less.. you get the picture!  I have done the yo-yo diets, I have tried the latest fads, and none of them have left me with the commitment I need to suceed. This year however, will be different. Continue reading →

Stay Dry in January with Heartsease Farm #review

Dry January is a great idea, encouraging people to stay off alcohol for the month of January! But if you’re used to going out after work for a quick tipple, it can be quite a challenge! Nothing causes failure as quickly as getting bored! Keep your soft drinks varied, how about trying something a little different? Continue reading →

Let your skin bloom with Baby Blooms

Many of us will know Baby Blooms for their beautiful baby bouquets, lovely gifts for new Mums which are slightly more useful than a traditional bouquet! I had tweeted a bit of a moan about lots of new Mum gifts being very baby focused, and that I really would like a bit of pampering for myself afterall I’d carried baby for 9months! Baby Blooms wanted to introduce me to their new skin care range, and offered to send me some to try. Continue reading →

babymoov Cosy Bag Review

The babymoov cosybag is more than just a baby sleeping bag, it’s clever as it is easy to slide baby into and then adjust it to fit baby closely around the waist using the folding panels which secure with a soft Velcro. I say soft Velcro as it isn’t scratchy against your skin like you might imagine it might be. The packaging describes it as ‘enveloping’  your baby, and it does do exactly that! Continue reading →

Dramatic landscapes: Stonehenge and The solent #Countrykids

After a Christmas full of coughs and colds, we were keen to get out for some New Year fun before the return to school. Saturday saw us venture to Stonehenge, somewhere we frequently drive past but have never actually visited. It was quite possibly the coldest and certainly the windiest day we could have chosen, and we were all thankful for the shuttle bus which runs between the visitor centre and the stones! Still it was a good excuse to dance in our wellies to keep warm! Continue reading →

Teething with skibz

I am so tired that I am struggling to function today, I’m not going to lie to you, my day is fuelled with cake, chocolate and mugs of tea with a small basket of fruit to balance it out. I’m tired as Yo has been up most of the night dribbling, crying and clinging to me for comfort. Yo has been teething for a little while, and the night we spotted a solitary tooth start to poke through her gum was actually a huge relief! We were delighted as it is such a great milestone, and this is why she has been so horribly unsettled, though now she has two teeth and a third on the way combined with a cold, sleep feels some what a luxury, but she’s worth it! Continue reading →

Snoozing in the #Snuzpod

Baby Yo is 16 weeks old, where on earth have those 16weeks gone?! We’ve been using our Snuzpod for 16weeks now, that’s 4weeks longer than I used a moses basket with either of my older boys. Yo is a very tall baby already, even today the health visitor commented on how tall my children are, but I guess with tall parents it was inevitable! Being tall as a baby means we frequently grow out of things before we “should” according to the instructions, but I’m delighted to say there is still plenty of room in the Snuzpod! Continue reading →