Top tips for Internet safety

Technology and the internet are ingrained in our lives in a manner that was unimaginable just 10 years ago. Increasing numbers of young children have smartphones nowadays, and most children will use the internet in some form by the time they start school. As access to technology widens, the role of parents in protecting their children online has become more important. My eldest son is 7, and has already started to want a little independence when using the internet, and I feel it is important for me to review our internet safety. Listed below are a few simple tips that all parents should follow in order to keep their children safe when using the internet. Continue reading →

The Big Stroller Swap for smarTrike #swapyourstroller

We’ve been challenged to swap our stroller for a smarTrike for a week, from 6th – 12th July 2015, we will be using the smarTrike instead of our stroller for Yo! Yo is 10months old, and this term I’ve started walking the boys part of the way to school, popping her in her buggy. So, I’m offloading the buggy, and reving up the wheels on the smarTrike!


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Tips for gorgeous skin

There are literally hundreds of skin products on the market, and they all make claims to rejuvenate, balance, clear, or even turn back time. But what do these products do, and what do we really need on a daily basis for glowing, radiant skin? Here are the four steps and products that everyone should follow and use on a daily basis; Continue reading →