Blog on Win 2015 #blogon

I can’t emphasis how exciting #blogon was, not only did I get to catch up with some lovely blogging pals – I’m especially looking at you TheBoyandMe, but I also learnt a huge amount. Now, I’ve been blogging for a few years – I started in 2010 over on Goriami Family, but blogging is fast paced and changes frequently, and I’ve been busy having babies and not kept up! Continue reading →

Tea cups and luxury biscuits.

Making time for me, making time to catch up with friends, or sit quietly to read, something I have sworn I will try harder to do over the next 12months. I am a great tea drinker, and I find to drink a cup of tea on my own or with friends incredibly relaxing, however how often do I treat myself to tea from one of my beautiful teacups? I worry they will get smashed, or knocked over rather than enjoy how pretty they are by putting them into daily use. So, I’m vowing to once a week treat myself to tea, (from a tea cup!) and luxury biscuits (grown up ones!). Continue reading →

Wellington boots, does your family love them?

As you may have guessed from the name of this blog, we love dancing about in our wellies! Autumn weekends inevitably involve slinging the wellies on and heading out into the woods to splodge in mud, climb trees or seek out the gruffalo! The boys have a couple of pairs each, as they usually have a pair for school and a pair for home, and I try to make sure they’re brightly coloured or with a fun print. E’s latest pair has an alien print and have a really handy furry lining to! Continue reading →

Children’s Eye Tests

My sons are 4 and 7, and until last week they had never had an eyetest. I’d not had any concerns about their eye health, so I’d not even considered to get them an eyetest, but actually all children should get an eyetest from about the age of 4 (or earlier if you have concerns!). Eyetests in the UK are free on the NHS for children under 16, and we went to Specsavers to try out their children’s eye tests.DSC_3524 Continue reading →

Cosmopolitan – The fragrance

A few months ago over on the Goriami Family blog, I wrote about Cosmopolitan‘s hunt for the face of their new fragranceCosmopolitan have created a fragrance for fun, fearless females! I wasn’t quite sure what to expect when I received a beautiful box containing the new perfume which launched at the start of September, would the scent be overwelming or too exotic? Am I fun and fearless enough to wear it?!

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Send a real gift via text message!

A while ago I was contacted by Parcel Genie, they’d just launched their text ordering service,which allows you to order a gift just by sending them a text – clever hey? We have all been there, a forgotten Birthday, a friend who need cheering up, or perhaps just to remind someone that you care, Parcel Genie makes it easy to make some feel special!

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E: 30/09 Godiva Chocolate challenge!!

48_temp_Chocolat (1)

The annual Godiva chocolate challenge has returned, this year the task is to create a desert using chocolate, meringue and the colour pink! So get thinking, how will you create the chocolate desert of the year? The event coincides with the launch of the mousse meringue collection, and 10% of the sales from the collection in the UK, will be donated to Breast cancer Now charity. Continue reading →