My First Scalextric – Review

Scalextric sets have been on the top of Christmas lists for many years, in fact I bought my husband a set a couple of years ago! My First Scalextric, is aimed at children aged 3 plus, and is an ideal introduction to Scalextric fun!

My First Scaletrix

My sons were quick to point out that they had actually had a My First Scalextric a few years ago, but THIS set is different! The old My First Scalextric was battery-powered, this NEW set uses mains power. No need to worry about batteries running out half way through a race!

My First Scalextric Cars

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BIC gifts for Christmas

Writing Christmas cards is something I have enjoyed doing for as many years as I can remember. There’s something about sitting down and writing them which I find very relaxing!

My children enjoy writing and making Christmas cards. This year we’ve made the simplest design ever. Literally some glue and glitter – it’s all about the glitter at Christmas right?!


Christmas card for children to make


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5 Ways to Revive a Room

How to revive a room, without having to spend a fortune redecorating? I’m sharing 5 ways to revive a room, so whether you’re expecting guests or just want a change, you can get your room looking fabulous easily! While I know redecorating is simple, finding the time to move everything and get the work done just doesn’t happy as often as I would like! So, here are our 5 little tips to revive a room! Continue reading →

Christmas in Basingstoke

Christmas is a time when as a family we like to venture out and about. This Christmas, there are lots of festive activities happening for Christmas in Basingstoke. Basingstoke is a great shopping destination in the South of England. With excellent transport links, tons of parking and the main shopping area within an easy walk of the Railway Station!

With a wide range of shops, Basingstoke boasts two main shopping areas – The Malls, and Festival Place Shopping Centre with plenty more independent stores in the streets surrounding. The Christmas lights are fabulous, and twinkly! I think I prefer the ones in the Malls to the ones in Festival Place, but Festival Place has a fabulous Christmas Train which is rather an impressive feature;

Christmas in Basingstoke Santa Train Festival Place
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Marwell Christmas – Magical!

Marwell Christmas can only be described as a truly magical family event. I have often wondered about taking the children to visit Santa at Marwell, but never quite got organised enough. So getting the opportunity to visit this year, we couldn’t wait!

Our Marwell Christmas slot was booked for 3.30pm, we arrived at the zoo for 1pm to give us time to see the animals first. My daughter adores the giraffes, and we spent quite a long time in the giraffe house – they are such incredible creatures to watch. The penguins helped get us in the festive mood, they’re so funny to watch.

Marwell Penguin Enclosure

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My handbag essentials

Guest Post

Being a working woman and a mum to my three year old child, I mostly tend to lug around a lot of stuff which I consider as my “essentials”! My husband often makes fun of me carrying a huge bag to work or while going out. However, it usually comes handy for me as it is the one-stop solution for everything me and my family needs. Continue reading →

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