The three R’s #BrightFuture

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Clean clothes, such a simple thing, a clean school uniform, important in so many ways. A clean school uniform helps my children set off to school and feel ready for the day. With each wash I’m washing away grass stains, pen marks, mud and bits of dried on food, all remnants of their day at school, their day of learning. Persil has partnered with UNICEF on the  “Learning for Tomorrow” project, which aims to help children in the world’s toughest areas have the opportunity for education. So, it’s fitting that Persil helps my children have a clean school uniform each day. Continue reading →

Double Chocolate Cookies – Easy Recipe!

As it’s #NationalBakingWeek, I thought I’d share one of our favourite recipes, I enjoy baking, but I’m really not very good at it, so if you’re looking for a simple recipe, look no further! Double Chocolate Cookies are a favourite in our house, but the nearest shop which sell them is twenty minutes away, so we decided to have a go at making our own and after a bit of experimenting, we’ve created a recipe which all of us love! They’re seriously tasty, and really easy to make!

Home Made Double Chocolate Cookies

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CarFest South 2016

My favourite gig.. well, Festival! Carfest! These days, it’s not often that I get to rock out with my best friend, sipping drinks in the VIP area and dancing along to our favourite bands..but that’s exactly what happened at Carfest South this year. CarFest raises money for Children in Need, and combines fabulous car displays with marvellous music. It sells itself as a family festival, I can honestly say that we found it incredibly friendly, and there was lots to do!

CarFest VIP bands


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An easier way to a healthy packed lunch #FloraLunchbox

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Like many parents, I sometimes struggle to pack a well-balanced lunch box for my son to enjoy at school. I have to balance what he will eat, with being healthy, and sometimes I do struggle to get it right! While I don’t pack his lunch box full of sweet things, I’m fairly sure I don’t pack in enough fruit and vegetables! In fact, a study commissioned by Flora showed that only 1.6% of children in England receive a nutritionally balanced packed lunch, with only 17% containing ANY vegetables or salad. Those figures were quite astonishing, and made me wonder whether I could improve our lunch boxes. Continue reading →

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Organic Toddler Treats at the Zoo #MamiaDaysOut

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Did you know Aldi do a great range of Organic baby foods? Until I took part in the Britmums #MamiaDaysOut challenge, I didn’t actually realise that they did, I mean, I knew they sold baby stuff, but Organic? No! But would it be tasty enough to tempt a fussy toddler? 



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Nailmatic, Water Based Nail Polish and Natural Lip Gloss for Children #Review

Children love to copy, so when I’m putting on make up, my daughter will inevitably try to join in. Actually, I remember pleading to have my nails painted from a very young age! The problem is, most make up isn’t suitable for her delicate skin. When I was sent a Nailmatic gift set  for children containing a non-toxic Nail Varnish and a natural lip gloss, I was intrigued to try it out! Continue reading →