Toxic “Friends” – do you have any?!

Toxic friends, it sounds like a cool band, but actually I’m referring to friends, who aren’t really friends at all. You see, there are some people in life who can’t help but dampen your day. The ones who manage to make you feel even worse about something you already feel a bit rubbish about. You know the sort, your ex boyfriend has married a super model and your toxic friend can’t help pointing out that you’ve gained weight since being married.. Yes, she might be being honest, but really all she’s doing is making you reach for the ice cream. Continue reading →

Have you seen UncommonGoods?

Collaborative Post.

Having moved home last year, we are finally well settled. Sometimes I think it takes a while to get used to a new room. Then work out what will work best to really bring the room to life. What works well in one home doesn’t always transfer to a new home!

When I’m buying new homeware I try to choose things from ethical or sustainable brands. I choose things secondhand too, but sometimes you want something new! UncommonGoods got in touch to tell me about their brand. They have an impressive sustainable approach. This impressed me and I wanted to learn more. Uncommon Goods were established in 1999 in Brooklyn USA. They pay their seasonal staff 50% more than minimum wage. UncommonGoods sell a variety of unusual, half of what they sell is handcrafted. Like this stunning rug made using upcycled cotton Saris.


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Getting the Kids to go Green

How easy is it to get children to go green? As a mother of 3, I know that setting a good example is often the way to encourage children to start to do the right thing. I also know, that there are lots of hurdles along the way, peer pressure being a big one!


Start small and keep it fun

My 8-year-old is responsible for the recycling. It might sound dull, but he started sorting and popping it into the bin with me when he was small and we made it into a sorting and counting game. He’s now 8 and far better at recycling than his father!

Grow your own!

My 5-year-old is eagerly waiting for his  strawberry plants grown from seeds to provide their first fruits. You don’t need to have a garden to grow your own, your can grow some things just on your window sill. The special thing about growing your own, is children learn that food isn’t grown looking “perfect” and doesn’t grow in plastic!

Lego  love


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Miele Dishwasher Review & Video

I’ve pondered for years, which is the greenest way to wash up? A sink or a dishwasher? I’ve actually been so torn that I’ve refused to allow us to own a dishwasher while I overcame my own objections. But, then our family has grown and my objections seemed weaker.  No longer would a single sink of water cope with the mountains of washing up we create daily. I investigated, and discovered that some dishwashers use on average less water than it takes to fill my sink once..! So the decision was made to get a dishwasher! Continue reading →

Coffee Cups – What a waste!

The coffee shop culture seems to be booming in the UK. Most of my friends seem to have a favourite coffee shop, they buy from a specific chain as it suits their needs. I guess it’s no different to selecting the supermarket you shop at, you get used to what’s on offer, the prices, the appearance. But, there’s something which really puzzles me. The excitement when a “Limited edition” takeaway cup comes out.


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Revision tips with BIC

It’s that time of year, exams are on many families minds. But it’s not just the exams which can prove stressful, the revision can be more stressful than the exams themselves! Lots of questions like how much revision is enough? Where should revision take place? Does revising with friends help? Run through the minds of parents and students.

I remember well my own experience of revising, and having to work out what worked best for me. I always worked better on my own with the radio on. I used to plan revision into 45 minute chunks per topic. Between topics I’d take 15 minutes to get a drink and walk about -outside where possible!

Revision tips

BIC have put together a series of exam survival tips, put together by the BIC team. Continue reading →

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