12 Weeks Old.. Baby Update

How on earth have I got to having a 12 week old baby? 12 weeks have gone so quickly! I had thought I would sit and write each week as a record to myself on each of the little milestones we reach. But somehow, those posts are sat in draft and perhaps I will get round to publishing them one day. For now though, here’s a 12 week baby update!

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Is your dog too stressed?

Many of us will know how stress can effect our sleep, lying awake worrying really takes its toll. But, did you know that dogs can also feel stress?

A 2017 study published by Proceedings of The Royal Society B showed that dogs actually suffer poor sleep when they’re anxious or stressed. Researchers in the test discovered negative actions caused dogs to have poor sleep that they awoke quickly from, while the pooches that enjoyed more positive experiences managed an hour of deep, consistent napping.

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Diono Quantum Classic Review

The Diono Quantum Classic is suitable from birth, with a clever one seat system which converts from bassinet to toddler seat. There’s no need to buy an additional carry cot. The Quantum in pushchair mode can be forward or parent facing.

The Quantum Classic has a luxurious feel about it. It is a large buggy, but easily manoeuvred. The seat fabric is smart and looks hard wearing but with  luxurious look.

Diono Quantum Classic

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Summer Infant My Fun Tub Baby Bath – REVIEW

Anyone who has had to bath a newborn baby will tell it can be a tricky process! I know I found myself terrified of dropping baby and then a wet baby is really slippery! Then as babies get bigger, they need more entertainment to keep bath time Fun! We were delighted to review the Summer Infant My Fun Tub, here’s how we got on..

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OREO cookie quest!

Weekends for us are aĺl about getting out and about as a family. Whatever the weather we get out and explore the woods or seaside.

This weekend we were exploring in the snow. Which made our  Oreo cookie Quest a little more exciting! Our Oreo Quest was a mini scavenger hunt. I gave the boys a list  of things to find while we were out. If they found them all they were promised an Oreo when we got back home!

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Grow your own vegetables with kids

I’ve grown increasingly frustrated buying vegetables from the supermarket. They are often over packaged, have travelled half way around the world, and lack the flavour I am expecting. Earlier in the year I vowed to start growing more of our own fruit and vegetables. I am particularly focusing on vegetables, as I really want my children to enjoy eating them!

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