The washing machine broke!

As a busy family we rely on our washing machine, and it’s in daily use sorting out muddy school uniforms and spaghetti stained t-shirts. So, when our washing machine decided to stop working quite suddenly, the piles of washing rapidly became mountains of washing. We’d just moved house, and a week later, the washing machine stopped. I peered in looking in horror at the clothes trapped inside. It then became clear that the machine was beyond economical repair, and so we needed a new one. Continue reading →

Steps to a happier Mama?

Lost in Motherhood, been lost there a while? It’s hardwork having small children, each pulling you in a different direction. It’s hardwork keeping up with the mutliple school activities, and the parties, and playdates. Unless you’re supermum, or have a personal assistant who organises your every move, it’s easy to get lost in the motherhood maze.  Continue reading →

Firsts with Petits Filous..

Petits Filous challenged us to think about our little ones firsts. As tiny babies, childhood firsts seem to come quickly, their first feed, first tooth, first time they roll over. When they grow a little, the firsts slow down a bit, but are just as special. My youngest is 21months old, and each day I still see a magical first. This weekend her magical first was a trip to the beach, and her first proper paddle in the sea!

Toddler Paddling in sea

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Masha and the bear on DVD

Friendship and adventure abound with the heart-warming tales of three-year-old Masha and her retired circus star friend, Bear, in their very first DVD collection, Masha and the Bear – How They Met released by Abbey Home Media on Monday 25th April 2016. Join Masha, the Bear and all her woodland friends in the series that is currently taking the world by storm. A retired circus bear settles into the woods and prepares for a quiet new life surrounded by peace and tranquility until he is introduced to an adventurous little girl named Masha.

Masha and the bear DVD

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Little Tikes Sand and water table, outdoor toy essential!

Summer, and outdoor fun for the children is on my mind! We have recently moved, and the children were treated to a fabulous sand table from Little Tikes. We love Little Tikes toys, and the children already own the play house, climbing frame and the amazing pirate ship water table. Why do we like Little Tikes so much? They are really well made, and all the toys we own have lasted brilliantly even when we’ve left them out in all weather!

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When you are the Noisy Neighbors upstairs..

It is hard enough living upstairs in an apartment complex but even harder yet when you have little children running about who can often sound like a herd of elephants to the neighbors downstairs. If you are the noisy neighbors upstairs, those extreme noise levels should really be the least of your concerns. Keeping your children safe that far above ground takes a little extra effort and a whole lot of common sense. Here are a few ideas for keeping child safety up and the noise levels down to a dull roar. Continue reading →