Bamboo Toothbrush Review

When I started on my journey to ¬†reduce waste and live a more eco-friendly life, I decided to start small. I wanted to make small changes, and keep the changes, rather than attempt to change it all and fail. One thing I had never considered, was my toothbrush. Most toothbrushes which you buy in the shop are plastic. A type of plastic which cannot readily be recycled. A plastic which goes into landfill, and doesn’t break down for many, many years. Continue reading →

Online Shopping – do you?

Collaborative Post.

Online shopping, do you love it or loathe it? I read somewhere that during the heavy snow a couple of years ago, online retailers saw a spike in sales. People couldn’t get to work, but they could access the internet, and they could (and did) shop. I wonder what they were buying? Sledges for once the snow had melted? A new ski jacket to keep them cosy? Or perhaps they just bought what they were planning to buy from the high street that day? Continue reading →

Hair care and hair confidence!

When you see someone for the first time, one of the first things you notice is their hair. When I think about hair, I always think of those shampoo adverts where women flick their glossy locks and strut confidently along. Or gorgeous male models with super shiny hair smiling confidently. Great hair makes you look confident! (and hopefully feel confident too!) So, how can you best care for your hair?

Happy hair!

Happy hair!

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5 Toddler activities for a day at home.

Keeping an active toddler busy isn’t as terrifying as it seems. Over the last few months we have had quite a few “at home” days. Either the weather has been bad, or Yo has been poorly. Anyone who has ever been in the company of a toddler will know once boredom sets in.. you’re in for trouble! So, here’s a list of our favourite 5 Toddler Activities for when you’re stuck indoors! Continue reading →

Toy Story Character Aqua beads – Review

Aqua beads are a great craft activity for children aged 4 and over. My 6 year old tried out the Aqua beads Star Wars Playset before Christmas, and loved being able to independently make something. I won’t lie, I liked being able to drink a cup of tea in peace while he makes them too! So, we were delighted to be asked to work with Aquabeads again, and this time try out the Toy Story character set. Who doesn’t love Toy Story?!

Aquabeads Toy Story

The set contains templates for 3 characters; Buzz Light year, Woody and the Alien. A plastic tray, water spray bottle and enough beads to make each character. The instructions are very clear and easy to follow. Continue reading →