How much does the perfect date cost?


The question on everyone’s mind when you’re planning that much anticipated date, how much does the perfect date cost?!

How much does the perfect date cost?

There’s nothing like date night, where the two of you can get together and spend some well-needed quality time with each other. Sometimes though, dates can be expensive and it can be hard to find a good location or venue on a budget.

Whether it’s Rome, London, Paris or New York, there’s a perfect date out there for everyone, and who knows, it just might be the one that takes your relationship to the next level! Together with Angelic Diamonds, retailers of bespoke palladium engagement rings, we advise you on making the most of your date no matter where you are in the world, with hidden costs included. Continue reading →

Eco living, choosing sustainable goods.

Have you ever considered the impact your cleaning equipment or camping crockery has on the environment? Buying a dustpan and brush, you know you will have a certain amount of years usage, but when it breaks it will end up in landfill. New plastic ending up in landfill can never be a good thing. So what if your cleaning equipment was made from recycled materials?



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Maxi Cosi – Car Seat Replacement after Accident

The most precious cargo in my car is my children. Each time we get in the car I carefully make sure everyone is safely sat in their car seat and strapped in correctly. We have a rule, no attempting to undo the car seat until I turn off the car engine. I’ve explained to the children since they were young that car seats are there to keep them safe and comfy too.

So, what happens after your car has been involved in an accident? A few months ago, my car was written-off by another driver who had left the scene. My insurance company were really good, making the process as easy as they could. The claim handler explained that my insurance would pay £100 for each of my car seats. I suddenly felt anxious. Both car seats had cost a lot more than that! Continue reading →

Toxic “Friends” – do you have any?!

Toxic friends, it sounds like a cool band, but actually I’m referring to friends, who aren’t really friends at all. You see, there are some people in life who can’t help but dampen your day. The ones who manage to make you feel even worse about something you already feel a bit rubbish about. You know the sort, your ex boyfriend has married a super model and your toxic friend can’t help pointing out that you’ve gained weight since being married.. Yes, she might be being honest, but really all she’s doing is making you reach for the ice cream. Continue reading →

Have you seen UncommonGoods?

Collaborative Post.

Having moved home last year, we are finally well settled. Sometimes I think it takes a while to get used to a new room. Then work out what will work best to really bring the room to life. What works well in one home doesn’t always transfer to a new home!

When I’m buying new homeware I try to choose things from ethical or sustainable brands. I choose things secondhand too, but sometimes you want something new! UncommonGoods got in touch to tell me about their brand. They have an impressive sustainable approach. This impressed me and I wanted to learn more. Uncommon Goods were established in 1999 in Brooklyn USA. They pay their seasonal staff 50% more than minimum wage. UncommonGoods sell a variety of unusual, half of what they sell is handcrafted. Like this stunning rug made using upcycled cotton Saris.


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